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We are dedicated to developing unique protection and control products that enable our customers to reduce the costs associated with protecting their power systems and critical assets to maximize power availability. With increasing demands on power systems, disturbances are becoming more prevalent. GE understands these issues and works with our customers to develop innovative solutions to improve system visibility and maximize system reliability.

Using the Multilin N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System, customers are able to develop load stabilizing schemes such as load shedding, remedial action, special protection and wide are monitoring and control. As each power system application is unique, the Multilin N60 provides the application flexibility to meet system requirements and match a given topology.
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At the core for any reliable network stability and optimization solution is Synchronized phasor measurements or Synchrophasor measurements. Designed to exceed the IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasors for Power System standard, these measurements provide real-time, high-speed measurements of electrical quantities such as voltages and currents. Accurate time-stamps, measurements (known as Phasor Measurement Units) are taken from various locations on a power grid and combined or synchronized, to identify stresses on the system.

Reliably sharing PMU data between devices within a power system is critical to achieving total system visibility. Setting a new standard for the transmission of synchrophasor measurements GE offers the capability to stream Synchrophasor data over GOOSE or Direct I/O.
Embedded in the Multilin N60 relay, up to four time-stamped PMUs can be simultaneously provided to a designated master unit via high-speed Fiber Optic networks using the industry standard IEC 61850 GOOSE message protocol.
In addition, enabling easy integration into existing, low-bandwidth communication channels, Multilin relays have the unique ability to stream time-stamped synchrophasor measurement units over direct I/O channels.
From generation, line current differential and distance protection to automation controllers and dedicated network stability devices, Multilin devices offer embedded support for the creation of accurate, reliable phasor measurement units streamed over high-speed Ethernet for complete network visibility.

G60 Generator Protection System

Transmission Line Protection:
D60 Distance Protection System
D90Plus Sub-cycle Distance Protection
L30 Current Differential Line Current Differential Protection
L90 Phase Segregated Line Current Differential Protection

Specialized Protection & Control:
N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System
C90Plus Controller