Digital Energy Protection & Control Innovations
Technology leadership by driving industry advancements
Always at the forefront of technology, innovative GE solutions for protecting and managing power system assets greatly increased the reliability of the electrical infrastructure. With a world wide install base of millions of protection relays and communications equipment in a wide variety of industries including Power Generation and Distribution, Water and Waste Water and Natural Resources, GE has been able to use our close relationships with our customers to develop solutions tailored to the unique challenges that each of them are facing.
The innovative and intuitive 3 Series family of protection relays are functional economical protection solutions for feeders, motors and transformers.
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The multi-function Multilin D90plus delivers maximum performance, flexibility and functionality. With true sub-cycle distance protection, dedicated disturbance recording, integrated annunciator and color HMI, the D90plus represents the next benchmark in protective relaying.
GE collaborates with international standards bodies and working groups to develop innovative solutions that define and drive industry standards. With the introduction of the revolutionary Multilin HardFiber System, utilities can save up to 50% on Protection & Control costs by replacing thousands of copper wires with IEC 61850 digital communication over a few fiber optic cables, making IEC 61850 Process Bus a reality.
We’ve taken ground breaking steps to provide solutions that detect potentially problematic conditions, before they evolve into catastrophic failures. Predictive and early detection tools, allow users to be proactive with their maintenance rather than being reactive to a disruption. Products like, the Multilin T60 Transformer Protection System features advanced algorithms, which detect abnormal transformer operation, including Hottest-Spot detection, Aging Insulation and Transformer Loss of Life.
Multilin products are designed to survive the demanding performance requirements found in utility, industrial, and transportation facilities. Our products must pass rigorous testing based on stringent industry standards to ensure reliable performance right out of the box.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Testing
  • Fast Transient & Surge Immunity Testing
  • Magnetic Immunity Testing
  • Vibration, Shock/Bump & Seismic Testing
  • Voltage Withstand and Ripple Testing
  • Damped Oscillatory Testing
  • In installations around the world ranging from those in frigid cold environments, applications in hot, humid facilities, or environments that fluctuate between the two, Multilin products perform. All of our products meet or exceed standards for these temperature extremes. IEC 60068-2 standards cover operation at -40°C up to +85°C, and in relative humidity up to 95%.
    Our highly reliable products are made even better through efforts to extend their working life in harsh chemical environments. This includes protecting against corrosive agents, found both naturally and in certain industrial environments, such as Hydrogen Sulfide gas, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide. These agents can cause severe damage to the printed circuit boards used in intelligent electronic devices.

    The Harsh Environment Conformal Coating used on Multilin products extends the working life of the product and increases the reliability of performance by covering electronic components to shield them from coming into contact with corrosive agents. It is approved to military specifications, is 100% solvent free, and provides corrosion protection in Class I, Class II, and Class III chemical environments.