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  M60 Motor Management Relay

Day 1:
 Motor theory
 Motor protection theory
   - Motor Thermal Modeling
   - Short Circuit protection
   - Ground Fault detection
   - Phase Differential
   - Single Phase protection
   - Under/Overvoltage
   - Mechanical Jam
   - Loss of Load
   - Acceleration Timer
   - Starts per Hour
   - Time Between Starts
 M60 Hardware overview
   - Specifications
   - Hardware configuration
   - Wiring
   - Power Supply
   - VT Inputs
   - CT Inputs
   - Digital I/O
   - Analog Inputs
   - IRIG-B
 M60 Protection element overview
 Creating a protection and control settings
   file for a typical Motor application
 Review of Event Records and
   Oscillography files for different Motor