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  239 Motor Management Relay

Day 1:
 Motor theory
 Current transformer selection
 Motor thermal modeling
 Additional protective elements
   - Short circuit protection
   - Ground fault and ground fault detection
   - Phase differential current protection
   - Single phase protection
   - Motor status detection
   - Mechanical jam detection
   - Loss of load detection
   - Acceleration timer
   - Starts per hour
   - Time between starts
 Class settings calculation examples
 Model specific hardware overview, options and ordering details
 Mechanical installation and wiring
 enerVista setup software
 Hands-on Lab
   - Establishing communication to the relay
   - Loading and saving settings files lab
   - 239 setup
   - System setup
   - Digital inputs and output
   - Thermal model
   - Current elements
   - Motor starting
   - RTD temperature
   - Voltage elements
   - Power elements
   - Monitoring
 Fault simulation labs dealing with specific protection elements
   - Thermal overload and emergency
   - IOC
   - Ground fault
   - Mechanical jam and loss of load
   - Differential fault
   - Single phasing
   - Undervoltage
   - Overvoltage

Note that for all lab exercises the event log
and simulated waveform capture information
will be reviewed.
 Actual values
   - Status, metering and trending
   - Event recorder and waveform capture
 Keypad labs
 Firmware updates
 Data communications overview