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  The real-time digital simulator lab provides real-time dynamic simulation of system faults, sequence of events, and/or conditions such as power swings, open poles, out of step conditions and other fault and system conditions. Relay responses can then be observed in a real closed loop environment to prove the relay's performance within the customer's system.  
  Real-time digital simulator labs are used to perform real time closed loop testing of protection, control and relay communications equipment. The power system models for testing are developed from customer system data and components including transmission lines, transformers, generators, reactors, current and voltage transformers (CTs and VTs). Interaction between relays, breakers and communication equipment is simulated during power system disturbances to verify and fine-tune relay settings. GE Digital Energy senior engineers will be available for lab time. The following schemes and applications can be tested using the digital simulator:
  Two and three terminal distance or current differential protection
  MOV protected series-compensated lines
  Single-pole tripping applications
  Mutually-coupled parallel lines
  Simulation of power system phenomenon affecting the behavior of protective relays such as power swings, frequency excursions, evolving/sequential/cross-country/resistive faults, etc.
  Current differential protection and distance relay pilot-aided schemes using actual communication equipment such as multiplexers, PLCs and modems
  2 and 3 winding transformers with on-load tap changers
  2 and 3 winding autotransformers
  Split-phase transformers
  Phase and angle regulating transformers
  Turn-to-turn faults, saturation and hysteresis phenomenon
  Synchronous Generators complete with excitation system, stabilizer and governor turbine model
  Induction Generators
  Generator relay testing on a made-to-scale physical generator simulator
  Up to 12 single-phase or 4 three-phase circuit with bus-replica for double bus arrangement
  Breaker Failure simulation
  ATP/EMTP case studies using detailed modeling techniques for medium voltage networks through extra high voltage generation, transmission and distribution systems.  
  Playback testing of recorded waveforms or ATP/EMTP simulations to protective relays to verify the intended operation and response of the device.  
  With the customers relay or setting file the service includes upgrading firmware and uploading new setting files, testing relay settings and documenting test results.  

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