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GEs Maintenance Handbook is a reference tool for managing and maintaining digital relays. It assists users in the creation of an effective maintenance schedule by identifying critical components in a relay and application red flags that reduce relay life. The Maintenance Handbook also recommends practices for maximizing the life of a digital relay and making
the most effective use of resources and time.

The following topics are featured in the Maintenance Handbook:
Electromechanical vs. Digital
  • Features
  • Differences
  • Maintenance impact
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Relay audit
  • Bulletins & product advisories
  • Software & firmware upgrades
  • Critical asset monitoring
  • Factors Affecting Relay Operation
  • Relay component breakdown
  • High temperature environments
  • Low temperature environments
  • Harsh chemical environments
  • Settings and firmware
  • Maintenance Testing
  • Self-testing & event records
  • Calibration & functional testing
  • Determining relay test intervals
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