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Pioneering key principle advancements over the past 100 years, we continue to lead the way making new protection, control and automation applications possible.
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Products by market categories

Generator Protection
G60 | Mid-range Protection System
P34x | Generator Protection Systems
889 | Advanced Generator Protection
G30 | Modular Microprocessor Family
P341 | Interconnection Protection
GPM-S | Stator Ground Protection Module
GPM-F | Field Ground Protection Module
G650 | Distributed Protection
W650 | Wind Turbine Protection
489 | Small to Medium Protection

Transmission Line Protection
P543-6 | Line Differential Protection Systems
L90 | Line Current Differential Protection
P54A-B-C-E Transmission Protection
L30 | Current Differential Protection
P541 & P542 | Line Differential Protection Systems
D60 | Line Distance Protection
P441, P442 & P444 | Distance Protection Systems
P443, P445, P446 | Distance Protection Systems
D30 | Backup Distance Protection
P841 | Line Terminal Protection Systems
P842 | Line Terminal Protection Systems
P44T | Transmission Protection
P59X | Transmission Protection
L60 | Line Phase Comparison Protection
P547 | Phase Comparison System

Distribution Feeder Protection
850 | Feeder Protection
F650 | Feeder/Bay Protection
P14N, P14D & P94V | Feeder Protection
350 | Overcurrent Feeder Protection
F60 | Feeder Protection with Hi-Z Detection
P14x | Feeder Protection
P153 | Feeder Protection
F35 | Multiple Feeder Protection
P154 | Feeder Protection
P15D | Feeder Protection
750/760 | Draw-out Feeder Protection

Distribution Automation Protection
Substation Controls in a Box

Network Protection
P30 | Phasor Data Concentrator

Specialized Protection, Control & Recording
C70 | Capacitor Bank Protection
RRTD | Remote Temperature Monitor
DGT | Generation Trip Control
MIV | Voltage/Frequency Protection System
MIW | Directional Power / Loss of Field
MIN | Digital Ground Protection
CIO | Remote CAN I/O Module

Single Function Protection
Overcurrent | IFC, IAC, PJC IFCV, SGC
Synchronizing | MLJ, IJS
Voltage & Frequency | TOV, IFV, CFVB, NBV, ICR,
Differential | STD, CFD, PVD, IJD, SBD, NBD
Directional | JBC/JBCG/JBCV, IBCG
Timing | SAM, IAV
Generator | CEH, GGP, PJG
Breaker | DRS
Auto-reclose & Check synchronizing | KVTR, KAVR, KAVS

Single Function Auxiliary Relays
MVAA, MVAJ 05x/10x/20x, MVAJ 11 to 34, MVAX 11, MVAX 12, 21, 31, 91, MVTT, MMLZ, HEA, HSA, HFA, RDB86, HAA, NAA, HMA, NGA, HGA PRiMA

Switches | SB-1, SB-9, SB-10, SBM
Test Equipment | PK2, XCA, XLA, XLB, XRT, XTC, XTM
Terminal Blocks | 116B407, EB-25/26/27, IKU, EB-1, EB-4
Indicator Lights | ET-16 LED. ET-16/17 Lamp
RTT Desktop Test Set
Test Blocks & Plugs | MMLG/MMLB, P990

Transformer Protection
T60 | Medium to Large Protection
P64x | Transformer Protection System
845 | Two/Three Winding Protection
T35 | Six Winding Transformer Protection
345 | Transformer Protection System
KVGC | Transformer Protection System
745 | Medium to Large Protection
P652 | Transformer Protection

Bus Protection
B30 | Busbar Protection
P74x | Distributed Busbar Relay
B90 | Multiple Section Busbar Protection
P747 | Centralized Busbar Relay
P746 | Centralized Busbar Relay
P145 | High Impedance Bus Differential
P14NB |High Impedance Bus Differential
MCAG | High Impedance Bus Relay
MVTP | Buswire Supervision Relay
MFAC | High Impedance Bus Relay
KITZ 274 | KITZ 274 Interface
HID | High Impedance Auxiliary Protection

Motor Protection
339 | Small to Medium Motor Protection
P24xM | Motor Protection Management
P253 | Motor Protection
869 | Motor Protection System
469 | Medium to Large Protection
369 | Small to Medium Motor Protection
M60 | Medium to Large Protection
P24x | Motor Protection
SPM | Synchronous Motor Protection
MM300 | Low Voltage Motor Management
MM200 | Low Voltage Motor Management
MM2 | Motor Protection System
RMIO | Remote I/O Module
239 | Motor Protection System

Substation Automation Systems
Substation Systems
DCS Software Tools

Multifunction Servers, Gateways & RTUs
DS Agile Substation Gateway

Measurement & Digital Fault Recorders
Analise Visualization & Analysis