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GE Continues to Improve Substation Situational Awareness

GE announces new enhancements to its powerful D400 Substation Gateway and Multi-Function Server platform. With secure local or remote data access to modern and legacy substation devices enabled by Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and a comprehensive suite of communications protocols, the D400 extends substation connectivity to improve situational awareness.

GE Expands Metering Communications Capabilities for Building & Energy Management Systems

GE announces communication enhancements to their compact and economical Multilin EPM 2200 Power Meter. Supporting simultaneous BACnet MS/TP and Modbus Ethernet communications, the EPM 2200 makes it easy to add metering capabilities to new or existing power systems, simplifying the integration of metering data into Building Management and Energy Management systems.

IEC 61850 Communications Now Available for EPM 7000 & EPM 9900 Meters and a Low Voltage Option for the EPM 9900

GE is excited to announce the availability of its enhanced Multilin™ EPM 7000 and EPM 9900 meters now supporting IEC 61850 communications and a low voltage option (EPM 9900). The addition of IEC 61850 capability allows users to standardize setup, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, and provides increased communications flexibility with simultaneous Modbus, DNP and IEC 61850 protocols.

Delivering an Updated Implementation of the IEC 61850 Standard for Simplified Device and Network Management

GE is excited to announce the availability of the latest Multilin™ Universal Relay (UR) Firmware, version 7.3. The latest feature enhancements now available in the Multilin UR Platform include improved and updated implementation of the IEC 61850 standard aligned with Edition 2, XML based relay configuration, a comprehensive set of logical nodes and configurable buffered and unbuffered reports among others benefits.

Non Draw Out Design for Multilin 3 Series Relays Provides  Economical Flexibility

GE announces the availability of non draw out options for the Multilin 3 Series Relays. Non draw out designs are available for the Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relay, Multilin 339 Motor Protection Relay and Multilin 345 Transformer Protection Relay. The non draw out 3 Series Relays offer the same protection, control and metering features as those available on the draw out relays, and are ideal for customers who require an effective economical solution without compromising performance.

GE Innovation Pinpoints Power Outages Quicker

MARKHAM, ONTARIO—December 16, 2013—GE’s Digital Energy business (NYSE: GE) today announced the launch of an enhanced version of its Multilin™ Intelligent Line Monitoring System, an end-to-end overhead line monitoring solution with advanced analytics that provides actionable intelligence to distribution utilities, improving the reliability and efficiency of power delivery to their customers. Using the system, utilities can reduce the duration of outages by accurately identifying fault locations allowing them to quickly dispatch repair crews. Improved dynamic line rating also helps them easily identify additional available line capacity to maximize their existing infrastructure investment.

Effective Life Cycle Management and NERC-CIP Integration for Existing Multilin™ D20 Installations
GE announces the availability of the latest Advanced Substation Automation Controller – the Multilin D20MX version 1.3. the Multilin D20MX is a specialized computing platform designed to execute communications and energy management applications for the monitoring and control of electrical substations. Built on advanced technologies, field-proven deployment and backwards compatible for existing Multilin D20 installations, the D20MX provides customers effective life cycle management by minimizing operation, maintenance and upgrade costs while providing effective integration into the NERC-CIP environment.

GE Improves Industrial Energy Efficiency to Protect the Bottom Line
MARKHAM, ONONTARIO—December 4, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) today announced the latest version of its Industrial Energy Management Solution—Power Management Control System version 7 (PMCS v7.0)—an integrated energy management system that helps industrial customers improve their energy efficiency dollars, which can go directly to their bottom line. By proactively monitoring energy assets and trends, customers can make system changes that will help to optimize energy use, reduce downtime and deliver higher productivity.

GE’s Universal Relay Provides Advanced Protection and Control for IEC Electrical Utilities
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—December 2, 2013—In an increasingly global business environment, GE’s Digital Energy business (NYSE: GE) offers utilities a single platform of protection and control devices capable of meeting international specifications and protocols with its new Universal Relay (UR) firmware (FW) version 7.2. GE’s UR provides utilities worldwide with the technology they need to maximize the performance of their electrical systems’ protection and control elements.

Extend your Metering Capability with GE's Multlin Meter Enclosure
Expanding existing switchgear or installing new metering capability can be challenging due to space limitations, downtime and installation and equipment costs. GE's Multilin™ Meter Enclosure is a pre-wired configured, economical solution for both retrofit expansions and small scale meter installations that allows the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming design.

Faster power system implementation with GE’s Substation Controls in a Box
GE introduces the Substation Controls in a Box, an integrated packaged solution that offers a flexible and quality solution for distribution utility and industrial substation applications. The Substation Controls in a Box helps owners to get their new substation up and running faster and less costly compared  with traditionally built substations.

Multilin™ DGPR Provides a Fully Integrated Retrofit Solution for the Multilin DGP Generator Protection Relay
GE announces the availability of the Multilin DGPR, the next generation, fully integrated retrofit option for GE’s Multilin DGP Generator Protection Relay. The Multilin DGPR is a UR G60-based, one-to-one replacement of the DGP relay, providing customers secure, high-speed protection elements, advanced fault and disturbance recording, and EnerVista™ software capabilities. The Multilin DGPR is well suited for large hydro, gas and steam turbine generators.

GE’s MultiLink™ ML3000 Series of Ethernet Switches Maintain Adaptability While Offering More Features
GE announces the latest developments in the MultiLink ML3000 Series of Hardened Ethernet Switches, which provide customers IEEE 1588v2 boundary clock and transparent clock support for high precision timing applications, and field replaceable power supply options. The latest release of the MultiLink ML3000 extends the MultiLink portfolio, while providing security and reliability.

GE Raises the Bar on Electrical System Performance and Reliability to Support Mission-Critical Electrical Infrastructures of Industrial and Distribution Utilities—Backed by a 10-Year Warranty
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—September 23, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) today announced the availability of the first product in its new Multilin™ 8 Series platform, GE’s next-generation protection and control relay platform designed to deliver the performance and reliability required to support the mission-critical electrical infrastructures of industrial and distribution utilities. Built on GE’s more than 100-year history in industrial electrical automation, the 8 Series platform will enable industrial and distribution utilities to enhance the reliability of their electrical infrastructure and reduce costs associated with unplanned outages.

GE Helps Utilities Manage Stressed Grids; Launches Technology to Improve Grid Efficiency and Reliability
March 26, 2013
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—June 26, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) today announced the availability of its Multilin™ DGCM Field Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to help utilities improve network efficiency and reliability by monitoring and automating distribution assets. With the world’s demand for electricity growing almost twice as fast as its total energy consumption , power grids are under more stress than ever before—not only is more energy being pulled from the grid, distributed technologies, such as wind and solar, are pushing energy back onto the grid, making energy management more complex. Utilities need tools to help effectively manage the load on the grid to improve efficiency and reliability.

GE's Industrial Ethernet Switch Reduces Equipment Requirements and Costs
March 5, 2013
MARKHAM, ONTARIO — GE (NYSE: GE) announces the release of its latest MultiLink™ Ethernet switch, the ML3000, for use in industrial and energy applications. As more electronic devices become capable of communication, the need to remotely control and monitor these devices increases, and Ethernet communication offers improved reliability, faster data transfer and more security.

EnerVista™ Integrator Software Decreases Setup and Commissioning
EnerVista Integrator enables seamless integration with GE Multilin™ devices for new or existing automation systems through tested, pre-configured memory maps. EnerVista Integrator reduces the setup and commissioning efforts required to obtain device, event and waveform data by over 90%. This allows for easy integration into an HMI, SCADA or DCS system.

GE Introduces a New Level of Intelligence for Overhead Electric Distribution Networks
September 6, 2012
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—September 6, 2012—GE Energy Management (NYSE: GE) announces the release of its Multilin™ Intelligent Line Monitoring System, an end-to-end overhead line monitoring solution with advanced analytics that provide actionable intelligence to distribution utilities for improving the reliability and efficiency of their networks.
GE Launches a New High Accuracy Power and Energy Meter for the Building Automation Industry
July 17, 2012
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—GE (NYSE: GE) today announces the release of the Multilin™ EPM 6010, a high accuracy, revenue-class power meter that can communicate using both the BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.
GE Unveils New High-Speed, High-Accuracy Meter
March 30, 2012
MARKHAM, ONTARIO—GE (NYSE: GE) announces the release of the Multilin™ EPM 9900, a high-speed, high-accuracy power quality metering solution for monitoring critical power applications for utilities, large industrial users and local electric companies. The EPM 9900 provides a total picture of energy usage and power quality at any metered point in the power distribution and industrial network.
GE Energy Announces Distribution Automation Controllers to Maximize Grid Efficiency and Reliability
July 28, 2011
GE Energy today announced the release of its new platform of Multilin Distribution Automation (DA) Controllers; Voltage Regulator Controller, Capacitor Bank Controller and Field RTU, key building blocks of GE’s (NYSE: GE) advanced distribution automation solutions.
GE Launches Advanced Stator and Rotor Ground Fault Protection
June 2, 2011
Multilin Stator Ground Protection module and the Field Ground Protection module that provide a complete generator monitoring, protection and control solution when used in conjunction with the industry leading Multilin G60 generator protection relay. The advanced stator and field ground protection modules provide easy system configuration, minimizes life-cycle costs and increases system uptime.
New $40M Grid IQ™ Innovation Center in Markham, Ontario
March 9, 2011
Today GE (NYSE: GE) and the Government of Ontario announced a new $40 million Grid IQ™ Innovation Center, the first center of its kind for GE in Canada, to be located in Markham, Ontario. Grid IQ is GE’s companywide commitment to solving customers’ toughest challenges with more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions. The building is expected to open in July 2012.
Clean Energy Powers Bella Coola, B.C.
Sept, 2010
The Hydrogen Assisted Renewable Power (HARP) project in Bella Coola, British Columbia is now officially installed and operational. This state-of-the-art energy storage project securely powers the remote community of Bella Coola with less environmental impact.The HARP system is expected to reduce Bella Coola’s annual diesel consumption by 200,000 litres – lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 600 tons annually.
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MC-E Series 3 Series - Intuitive & Innovative Protection
April, 2010
The Multilin 339 Motor Protection System and 345 Transformer Protection System offer advanced protection and communications with multi-protocol support. The 339 and 345 are part of the 3 Series family of protection relays which are functional and economical protection solutions for feeders, motors and transformers.
GE Digital Energy Donates Power System Innovation Lab to the University of Western Ontario
November 5, 2009
The Innovation Lab will give students and faculty of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) hands-on experience with the latest power system protection and communications technology used to improve the resiliency and responsiveness of the electrical grid.
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Smart Grid Protection & Control Journal Helps Utilities Begin their Smart Grid Journey
August 13, 2009
The Journal provides utility and protection & control (P&C) professionals with information to develop a framework for the Smart Grid. It presents real, tested business cases and technology solutions that can be implemented by utilities around the world.
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MC-E Series MultiLink MC-E Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters
July 14, 2009
The MultiLink MC-E series, designed and built for use in harsh industrial and utility environments, makes it easy to use the power of optical fiber for extending Ethernet networks to remote locations at distances of up to 40km.
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BellaCoola British Columbia Community to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
June 1, 2009
The town of Bella Coola, British Columbia, will soon be the site of a state-of-the-art energy system that will demonstrate a clean power solution for remote communities. GE's Microgrid Controller will find the most economically efficient way to manage the clean energy.
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MC-E Series 350 - Intuitive & Innovative Feeder Protection
May 18, 2009
The Multilin 350 relay is a member of the SR 3 Series family of relays. Easy to use and effortless to configure overcurrent protection and control relay for feeder applications. The robust 350 streamlines user work flow processes and simplifies engineering tasks such as configuration, wiring, testing, commissioning, and maintenance.
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AEP Transmission & Distribution World magazine - March 2009:
AEP Process Bus Replaces Copper

March 1, 2009
American Electric Power (AEP) discusses its evaluation of a next generation distributed protection & control system which takes control cabling, with its associated material and labor costs, out of the design, replacing it with fiber optic communication.
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D90Plus D90Plus - Advanced Sub-cycle Distance Protection
November 28, 2008
GE’s Multilin D90Plus Line Distance Protection System is a single-platform solution for the protection of MV to EHV transmission lines. The Multilin D90Plus covers a wide range of applications from single three-pole distance to high-speed sub-cycle distance protection with single pole tripping and pilot communication schemes. The Multilin D90Plus reduces investments in lifetime costs, engineering, installation and commissioning.
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C90Plus C90Plus - Control, Visibility and Diagnostics
November 28, 2008
GE Digital Energy unveiled today new enhancements to the powerful Multilin C90Plus Controller, making this one of the most advanced and flexible controllers on the market. With expanded support to monitor and control up to six bays and thirty individual disconnect switches, the Multilin C90Plus deliver the ultimate in flexible and customizable automation and control with advanced security and communications capabilities.
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GE Showcases Innovative Technologies that Help Reduce Substation Costs and Improve Power System Reliability
November 6, 2008
The Multilin HardFiber System and UR PLUS Family were showcased at the Western Protective Relay Conference (WPRC) in Spokane, Washington, Oct. 21-23, 2008.
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Tennessee Valley Authority to Protect its Power System with GE Digital Energy’s Universal Relays
October 24, 2008
GE Digital Energy has signed a 10-year agreement to supply TVA, the largest public power company in the US, with Multilin Universal Relays (UR) for its existing and future substations.
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GE Digital Energy Showcases Its Innovative HardFiber™ System At Global Conference on Electric Power Systems
October 11, 2008
New system that reduces substation installation and maintenance costs by up to 50% is showcased for over 4,000 industry experts at the CIGRE 2008 Conference.
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L30 MultiNet4 - Multi-port Serial Server & Managed Switch
October 2, 2008
The newest edition to the Multilin family of Serial-to-Ethernet media converters, the MultiNet4 supports large advanced networks and provides an economical option for Serial-to-Ethernet protocol conversion for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and other serial devices. It is environmentally hardened to withstand harsh utility and industrial environments and delivers fast, secure, and reliable LAN connectivity.
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L30 L30 - Line Differential Protection System
September 25, 2008
GE adds new solution to the industry-leading Universal Relay (UR) platform – the Multilin L30 Line Differential System. The Multilin L30 is designed as a cost-effective protection, control, and monitoring device for sub-transmission and distribution feeder and cable applications.
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M60 M60 - Advanced Motor Protection
September 10, 2008
Designed for medium and large-sized medium voltage motors, the newly enhanced Multilin M60 Motor Protection System now offers cost savings in wiring and installation with support for remote RTDs. Coupled with embedded IEC 61850 communications, enhanced CIP Security features, and ambient temperature monitoring and alarming, the Multilin M60 continues to drive the industry establishing the new standard in advanced motor protection.
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HardFiber System HardFiber System - Cost Effective IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution
June 26, 2008
A true breakthrough in the installation and ownership of protection and control systems. The Multilin HardFiber System saves Utilities up to 50% in total P&C labor costs by replacing thousands of copper wires with IEC 61850 digital communications over a few fiber optic cables. GE Digital Energy makes IEC 61850 Process Bus a reality, delivering significant lifecycle cost savings with the next-generation in protection and control.
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DGT DGT - Fast, secure & cost effective wireless trip control for Distributed Generation
April 7, 2008
The Multilin DGT Distributed Generation Trip Control solution enables fast and secure disconnect of renewable energy generators from the electrical power grid. The DGT solution delivers secure, swift and long distance transfer trip capabilities for enhanced safety, utmost reliability and maximum asset protection.
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MM200 MM200 - The most advanced protection and communications for low voltage motor protection
January 29, 2008
GE Digital Energy unveils the new Multilin MM200 Low Voltage Motor Management System. Designed for low voltage motors in process and control applications, the Multilin MM200 delivers superior protection, control and comprehensive communications, in a rugged, compact design that fits into common NEMA and IEC Motor Control Centers.
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UR 5.50 UR Family – New breakthroughs in Protection & Communications
January 29, 2008
Delivering breakthroughs in advanced protection and communications, Multilin devices continue to establish new standards for protection and control systems. The latest release of the industry leading UR (Universal Relay) offers new enhancements to distribution protection technology. Advancing communications capabilities, the new Multilin UR Switch Module offers fully embedded, managed Ethernet Switch module for more efficient and economical design of substation communications.
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