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Digital Energy Protection & Control Innovations
An international standard for substation automation systems, the IEC 61850 standard defines the communication between devices in the substation and related systems. Designed as an open standard that provides design flexibility and is future proof, IEC 61850 enables the integration of all protection, control, measurement, and monitoring functions within a power system network at the field or process and station control levels.

For over 15 years, GE’s technical experts have been working intimately with IEEE, EPRI & IEC working groups to help define and develop standards for station bus communications. Beginning with UCA 2.0, GE was the first in the industry to embed and natively support the UCA 2.0 standard in our Multilin UR family of protection and control relays.

Dedicated to the development of an open communications standard to enable substation automation and control at the station bus level, GE’s technical experts continued their work with the IEC working group to define the IEC 61850 standard protocol. Through this effort GE was the first to embed IEC 61850 communications support within entire product platforms without the need of external protocol converters or other discrete devices.

In 2008 GE Digital Energy introduced a true breakthrough in the installation and ownership of protection and control systems. The Multilin HardFiber System is the industry’s first complete IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution.

The latest in GE Digital Energy’s IEC 61850 developments include Metering with the EPM 7000 and EPM 9900 Revenue grade, High Accuracy, Power Quality meters. The EPM 7000 and 9900 are now IEC 61850 compatible provide advanced dual Ethernet communications functionality with simultaneous Modbus, DNP and IEC 61850 communications.

From Generators, Transmission Lines, and Transformers to Distribution Feeders, Bus, and Motors, Multilin products offer complete support for IEC 61850 communications directly embedded into the protection and control relays, meters, substation gateways and HMI. With the widest range of IEC 61850 enabled devices, Multilin simplifies the protection, automation, metering, monitoring, and control of individual assets across the entire power system.
Rigorous testing confirms IEC 61850 compliance
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The EnerVista Suite of software tools is designed to simplify every aspect of your workflow processes. These full-featured, graphical tools provide protection & control engineers, integrators, and commissioning staff with the ability to configure the communications between IEC 61850 compliant devices at the system level.

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Communicating with your intelligent Multilin devices, Viewpoint Monitoring provides operators with a view of the entire power system. With the added capability of automatically collecting critical real-time and historical disturbance data, past or impending power system event analysis is greatly simplified.

With Auto-Discovery features Viewpoint Monitoring detects devices on the network and automatically generates monitoring screens and single line diagrams that are tailored to your devices and wiring configurations.

  Viewpoint Monitoring

viewpoint engineering

Viewpoint Engineer is a set of tools that enables the management, configuration and testing of Multilin UR and URPlus relays at the system level in an easy-to-use, graphical, drag-and-drop environment. This software application streamlines the steps required to configure, commission and manage Multilin IEC 61850 supported devices.

System designer allows engineers to configure individual device settings and inter-connect the control logic distributed across multiple UR & URPlus devices by programming IEC 61850 and Remote I/O messages all within a graphical, drag-and-drop environment.

The built-in IEC 61850 configuration tool allows engineers to import ICD files and generate SDC files to configure communications between all IEC 61850 supported devices within the network. Organizational features make it easy to collect, maintain and attribute imported ICD and generated SDC
files to a device location, type or project.

viewpoint engineering
A graphical display allows operators to quickly and easily configure communications between relays by having the associated devices subscribe to the appropriate messages. Detailed connectivity reports, available in pdf format, provides information of all peer-to-peer mappings between devices within a project allowing operators to quickly identify any configuration errors within or between communicating devices.

Reduce troubleshooting and analysis time with real-time feedback capabilities. Once connected to the local area network, Viewpoint Engineer provides real-time status of IEC 61850 and Remote I/O messages from both the sending and receiving relays. On-screen indicators easily allow operators to verify that signals are being received and interpreted correctly by the intended devices.

  Viewpoint Engineer

Rigorous testing confirms IEC 61850 compliance
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The Multilin HardFiber System is a breakthrough in the installation and ownership of protection & control systems. Digitizing substation communications, the Multilin HardFiber System simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of protection and control systems. Directly addressing the challenges utilities currently face, the Multilin HardFiber System delivers significant installation and maintenance savings while improving system security, reliability, and safety.

Process bus simplifies the design of the protection and control system by installing data acquisition units (HardFiber Brick™) in the switchyard close to a process measurement source, and sends process measurements and control data via secure, digital messages over the communications network.

This simple architecture uses the IEC 61850 open standard for communications to provide a dedicated point-to-point connection between the HardFiber Brick and protective relays without introducing any issues relating to data synchronization, settings management or cyber-security.

  HardFiber System

iec 61850 process bus


The HardFiber System uses IEC 61850 to communicate measurements and commands between Bricks and relays in the control building over dedicated point-to-point fiber optic connections that avoids cyber-security issues altogether.