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GSA Schedule
Important Notice to Eligible US Government Buyers: Grid Solutions Products and Services Now Available on GSA Schedule

US government buyers can now access the following GE Grid Solutions grid automation products and services with the value and convenience of a GSA Schedule. The General Services Administration awarded on March 1, 2018, GSA Schedule #47QSWA18D0024 to GE’s authorized channel partner, INCON. In its capacity as value-added reseller, INCON serves as GE Grid Solutions’ official interface to the government buying community.

For questions and inquiries, please contact INCON:

phone: 1-888-646-2668
GSA Advantage: INCON GSA

Eligible government buyers should reference INCON Contract #47QSWA18D0024 on your purchase order to qualify your order as a GSA Schedule purchase.

Transmission Protection Distribution Protection
Multilin L90 Line Current Differential Relay Multilin 850 Feeder Protection & Bay Controller
Multilin L30 Line Current Differential System Multilin 750 Feeder Protection Relay
Multilin L60 Line Phase Comparison Relay Multilin F650 Feeder Protection Automation & Controller
Multilin D60 Line Distance Protection Relay Multilin 350 Feeder Protection and Breaker Failure Relay
Multilin D30 Line Distance Protection Relay Multilin F60 Feeder Protection System
MiCOM P54x Line Differential Protection Relays Multilin F35 Multiple Feeder Protection Relay
MiCOM P44x Distance Protection Relay Multilin A60 Arch Flash Detection System
MiCOMho P44x Mho Distance Protection Relay MiCOM P14NB Non Directional Feeder Management Relay
MiCOM P14DB Directional Feeder Management Relay

Metering Distribution Automation Solutions
PQM-II Power Quality Meter FMCT6 Overhead Line Sensor
EPM 9800 Advanced Power Quality Meter WKIT-B Standard Weather Station Kit
EPM 9450 Advanced Power Quality Meter X-NET Fault Detection & Location Application
EPM 6000 Multi Function Power Meter T-NET Dynamic Line Rating Application
EPM 7100 Power Data Logging Submeter SNG Sensor Network Gateway
EPM 4600 Multi-Feed Power and Energy Meter    
WKITC-C Ultrasonic Anemometer    
EPM 9900P Advanced Power Quality Meter
EPM 9650 Advanced Power Quality Meter
EPM 7000 Power Quality Meter
EPM 6010 Building Automation Power Meter
EPM 6100 Multi Function Submeter

Transformer, Bus, Breaker, Capacitor Protection Motor and Generator Protection
Multilin 845 Transformer Protection Relay Multilin 869 Motor Protection & Management
Multilin 745 Transformer Protection Relay Multilin 469 Motor Protection Relay
Multilin 345 Transformer Protection Relay Multilin 339 Motor Protection Relay
Multilin T60 Transformer Protection Relay Multilin 369 Motor Protection & Control Relay
Multilin T35 Transformer Protection Relay MM300 Low Voltage Motor Protection Relay
Multilin B90 Low Impedance Bus Protection Relay MM200 Low Voltage Motor Protection Relay
Multilin B30 Low Impedance Busbar Protection SPM Synchronous Motor Protection Relay
HID High Impedance Differential Relay Multilin M60 Motor Protection Relay
Multilin C70 Capacitor Bank Protection & Control System Multilin 889 Generator Protection & Management
Multilin C90 Plus Automation Control System Multilin 489 Generator Protection Relay
Multilin C60 Breaker Management Relay Multilin G650 Generator Protection and Control System
Multilin C30 Controller System Multilin W650 Wind Generator Protection System
Multilin C650 Bay Control & Monitoring Unit Multilin G30 Generator Protection Relay
MiCOM P642 Transformer Protection Relay  Multilin G60 Generator Protection Relay
MiCOM P746 Centralized Busbar Differential Relay GPM-F Field Ground Protection Module
GPM-S Stator Ground Protection Module
MiCOM Agile P344 Generator Protection Relay
MiCOM Agile P242 Motor Protection Relay

Substation Automation Solutions Networking & Communications
Multilin D400 Advanced Substation Gateway & HMI S20 Managed Ethernet Switch
Multilin D20MX Advanced Substation Controller MultiNet Serial-to-Ethernet Converter
Multilin C90 Plus Automation Control System UR USB USB to Serial Converter

IEC-61850 Fiber Solutions Time Sync Clocks
Multilin HardFiber Brick IEC 61850 Process Bus Solutions Reason RT430 GNSS Precision-Time Clock
UR 81 Universal Relay IEC 61850 Process Card Reason RT434 GNSS Precision-Time Clock
Reason MU320 Integrated Analogue & Digital Merging Unit Reason RT431 Time Code Generator
Hard Fiber Evaluation HardFiber Evaluation Kit Reason RT411 Time Signal Distributor
Reason RT412 Optical Transceiver

Network Stability & Synchrophasors Software
N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement Communicator Meter Setup and Data Acquisition Software
Viewpoint Maintenance Maintenance Software
Viewpoint Monitoring Monitoring & Recording Software
EnerVista Integrator Communication Engine

I/O & RTD Modules Auxiliary Relays & Test Switches
RMIO Remote I/O Module MVAX-11 Tripping and Interposing Relays
CIO Remote CAN Bus I/O Module MVAX-12 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay
RRTD Remote RTD Module MVAX-21 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay
MVAX-31 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay
MVAA-13 Auxiliary Relay
MVAA-16 Auxiliary Relay
MVAA-21 Auxiliary Relay
MVAA-23 Auxiliary Relay
MVAJ Tripping Relay with High or Low Burden
P991 Test Block
MMLB Test Plug
MMLG Test Module