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Built on the industry-leading UR platform, the M60 Motor Protection System now offers advanced motor health diagnostics, superior protection and control and simplified setup & configuration, extending equipment life and maximizing process availability.

Designed for medium-sized motors, the enhanced 369 Motor Protection System delivers advanced motor health diagnostics, graphically rich fault diagnostics, simple six-step setup, and complete traceability of setting changes, enabling industrial facilities to maximize process up-time and optimize rated motor output.

GE Multilin introduces the new MM300 Low Voltage Motor Manager for LV NEMA and IEC motor applications. With advanced health diagnostics, and single-click access to device & status information, the MM300 works to extend equipment life, increase system reliability and maximize process up time.

Designed for low voltage motors in process and control applications, the MM200 provides an unbeatable combination of the best protection and the most comprehensive communications, all at the lowest price. The form, fit, and superior functions of the MM200 deliver design flexibility for maximum ease-of-use and process continuity.

in motor protection is to prevent the motor’s operating life from being shortened due to thermal damage effects. Motor thermal protection should operate correctly, based on the actual motor’s design and not assumptions made by a relay designer. Only GE Multilin allows you to customize your motor protection to exactly match your motor application, rather than forcing you to fit the motor to your motor protection.

GE Multilin’s powerful I/O and programmable FlexLogic™ options offer advanced automation control, reducing the need for additional programmable controllers or discrete control relays. Our devices allow you to create customized protection and control schemes and minimize the costs of auxiliary components and wiring.

Whether you are protecting a down hole pump motor, or a low voltage conveyor system, GE Multilin’s motor protection relays have the flexibility to meet all of your industrial protection requirements.

  Motor Protection Systems
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MM300 Low Voltage Motor Manager – Reliable, Compact & Fully Loaded Integrated Protection and control for medium sized AC motors Digital motor protection for medium & large sized motors Comprehensive protection and control for medium & large sized motors