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EnerVista™ Viewpoint can simplify each step of using GE Multilin devices from designing the protection and control logic, to commissioning the relays, to real time monitoring and troubleshooting of your relays or system.

Viewpoint has three options available that contain tools that are tailored directly for the different job functions. Each software package performs different roles that will empower Engineers, Maintenance Staff and Operators to perform their everyday tasks more efficiently.
Tools for Creating and Monitoring Control Logic and Commissioning of your UR Relays

    Graphical FlexLogic Designer simplifies creating complex Control Schemes

    Add documentation and test procedures that are stored in your setting file

    Monitor the status of FlexLogic in Real Time to simplify commissioning tasks

    Analyze Waveform Data in the powerful COMTRADE viewer

    Design and Program IEC61850 Remote I/O in a graphical interface

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Fault Troubleshooting, Devices Security, and System Health Reporting

    1-Click retrieval of all Fault Diagnostic Information
       (Event Records, Oscillography files, Setting Files, Data Logs, Fault Reports,
       Device Status Reports)

    Creates Security reports that indicate the changes made to the configuration of
       your devices

    Generates Health and Operating Status Reports of GE Multilin devices and the
       equipment they are protecting

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Monitoring, Control and Data Recording

    Contains a library of memory maps for all GE Multilin devices

    Automatically retrieve Waveforms and Event Records from all GE Multilin devices

    Plug-and-Play Monitoring

    Create Single-Line Diagrams, Annunciator Panels, and Trending reports

    Optional support for up to 150 devices (new in version 5.40)

    ViewNodes Remote Viewer (new in version 5.50)

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