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Manufacturing for the product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to MS 3000 or DGA 900 Plus.

The FARADAY tMEDIC system combines the strengths of a number of GE technologies to form an integrated, scalable transformer monitoring and analysis system. Placing this highly intelligent system at a transformer adds new functionality and value to substation operations.

Key Benefits
The FARADAY tMEDIC draws on data from sensors and computes IEEE and IEC analysis models to accurately assess the condition and capacity of a transformer unit. The FARADAY tMEDIC incorporates proven technologies such as programmable logic control, database manipulation, high-speed processors and the latest in communications interfaces to provide a comprehensive set of functions:
  • Data acquisition: scans status and analog measurements from transformer sensors
  • Digital outputs for alarms, warnings and control signals
  • Local control outputs to cooling equipment
  • Sophisticated IEEE and IEC model computations to determine current transformer operating conditions
  • Diagnosis and warning of developing problems from model computation results
  • Temporary storage of data and analysis results for periodic access by remote users
  • Secure access by authorized users
  • Monitoring of analog limit violations and digital status changes
  • Major and/or minor alarm logic for SCADA applications
  • Communication of data and information via serial, fiber, modem, wireless, pager, LAN/WAN and Internet
  • Local alarm annunciator display