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Multilin Powerlink Connect
PowerLink Connect
Powerful HMI for Substation and Control Room Operations

PowerLink™ Connect enables real-time collection and display of electrical infrastructure information, secure operator supervisory control, and efficient management of energy delivery, all using standards-based communications.

PowerLink Connect connects and communicates with energy management and other I/O devices in your facility, bringing together display, control and reporting functions under one easy-to-use interface, providing a dynamic window into your electrical network.

PowerLink Connect is an open, standards-based solution that’s intuitive to configure and easy to own. It’s scalable from smaller point count systems (5,000-10,000) to larger, complex electrical networks with utility control rooms (100,000+ points). With intuitive operations and simplified maintenance, PowerLink Connect enables you to ensure optimal operational and electrical performance.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable, secure and auditable operations
  • Enhanced operational decision making & safety
  • Increased productivity & accountability
  • Improved operations efficiency
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced configuration & training time
  • Reduced downtime & equipment maintenance
  • Supports dynamic configuration without system restart
  • Consistent control interfaces for different types of equipment
Monitoring & SCADA Architecture Automation Projects Customer support System requirements
Secure, Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control
Full SCADA functionality with real-time data acquisition & control Real-time data acquisition & control

PowerLink Connect consolidates data from substation electrical assets and presents it as interactive information via secure clients and mobile applications.

Essential Electrical Distribution Management Features

  • Real-time data communication, database management, real-time dynamic data display
  • Secure operator supervisory control
  • Alarm, event, sequence of events
  • Historical data collection with real-time and historical trending
  • User-based security
  • Online configuration
Customizable Displays
Alarms List increases operator awareness, decreases response time and improves system reliability Alarms List increases operator awareness, decreases response time and improves system reliability One-line screens for monitoring status, control and tagging One-line screens for monitoring status, control and tagging

PowerLink Connect aggregates data from gateways and field devices and intelligently presents relevant information in an easy to understand, customizable graphical format with features such as interactive alarms and dynamic text displays to increase operator efficiency. Typical customizable displays include:

  • One-line Diagrams
  • Alarm / Event
  • Trending
  • Equipment Detail Pages
  • Operator Access Log
  • Operator Notes

PowerLink Connect enables you to leverage your existing investments as well as future proofing the new devices you may choose tomorrow. PowerLink Connect is built on an open, layered architecture with support for off-the-shelf communications protocols including DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850, as well as OPC client and server.

PowerLink Connect can be installed as a stand-alone system or with redundant server systems:

  • Server functions such as real-time communication with IEDs and RTUs, database management, alarm and event management and historical recording including sequence of events (SOE).
  • Client functions such as operator and/or engineering HMI, including monitoring, control and configuration.
Single Computer Architecture

Single Computer Architecture

Redundant Multi-Server Architecture

Redundant Multi-Server ArchitecturePowerLink Connect supports server redundancy to ensure high availability.

  Automation Projects

GE Automation Projects deliver a complete solution for utilities and Industrial customers to address challenges in managing all aspects of increasingly complex substation automation systems:

  • Substation Engineering
  • Protection, Control and Automation
  • Communications
  • Cyber / Physical Security
  • Substation Engineering
  • Protection, Control and Automation
  • Communications
  • Cyber / Physical Security

GE delivers a complete modern substation automation solution based on deep knowledge and expertise, best in class products, configuration tools and industry standards with the following offerings:

GE delivers complete solutions for complex substation automation systems

Automation Projects – Managed Solutions

Complete end-to-end system solutions including hardware, software and resources from initial evaluation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Automation Projects – Technical Services

  • Site evaluation
  • Consultation
  • System design
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • System component assembly
  • Configuration and commissioning services
  • System testing
  • Training
  • Life cycle support of system
GlobalCare Customer Support

Tailored support services to help you quickly resolve issues – maximizing operational availability and productivity, while minimizing risk.

24x7 Emergency Support

Rely on emergency service around-the-clock with our comprehensive infrastructure of phone and web-based support. Our support professionals provide the highest level of expertise for your emergency, no matter what time of day or where your operations are located.

Free Product Upgrades and Maintenance

Keep pace with operating system advances and stay abreast with the latest technology innovations and features for your PowerLink Connect & Proficy products with free software version upgrades, to help optimize your investment.

Multi-lingual Support

Offering support in 10 languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Italian, Japanese (primary languages of support); also Dutch and Slovak

Benefits of GE’s GlobalCare Support

What's Included
Software Modernization No Charge Software Version Upgrades
Technical Support
Global Network of Support Professionals
Phone and Web Consultation during Standard Business Hours
24 x 7 Emergency Support
Software Maintenance
Service Packs
Developer & Productivity Downloads
GlobalCare exclusives
Free Test Bed Keys (expiration aligned with GlobalCare end date)
No Key Administration Fees
System Requirements

System Requirements for GE PowerLink Connect