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MiCOM H Series - Legacy
Manageable Switches

Manufacturing for the product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to S20 or ML810 or ML1200.

GE’s MiCOM H Series Ethernet switches use cutting edge redundancy protocols to offer superior network availability and extremely fast reconfiguration in the event of link failure. The MiCOM H Series Ethernet switches use a combination of advanced redundancy protocols and fiber-optic connections to ensure the reliability, availability and dependability of substation communications networks. All this while maintaining the flexibility of being able to be

connected to standard Ethernet networks - ideal for substation refurbishments or upgrades.

The MiCOM H Series switches use either the Dual Homing Star or Self Healing Ring protocols and are available in standalone, embedded and PCI card (for integration into a PC) variants. As part of GE’s Digital Control Systems (DCS), the MiCOM H Series switches are fully compatible

with our protection relays, bay computers and gateways.

Key features:

  • Cutting edge redundancy protocols: the Dual Homing Star or Self Healing Ring
  • Flexible connectivity: different port variants are available – copper or fiber (single mode or multi mode) with ST, SC or LC connectors
  • Monitoring capabilities: set an alarm to monitor link failure using either the inbuilt watchdog relay (contact) or via communications
  • Increased reliability: standalone switches have redundant power supplies
  • Suitable for harsh environments: The MiCOM H Series switches are designed to work in harsh environments such as substations

Key benefits:

  • Superior network availability
  • Very fast network reconfiguration
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Monitoring capabilities