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Distribution Control Systems Software Tools

Remotely managing substations effectively and efficiently requires powerful and intuitive software tools. To support customers, GE offers a set of Distribution Control Systems (DCS) software tools, including an operator interface, system configurator editor, system management tool and equipment simulator.

DCS Operator Interface

While a substation is usually unmanned during normal conditions, efficient information access becomes a key requirement in emergency situations. Design, installation, extension and maintenance instances of an electrical automation system’s life demand a straightforward, user-friendly interface. Intuitive access to the most relevant information and fully secure operations are necessary to ease the operator’s tasks. To help you meet these challenges, we have developed DCS Operator Interface (OI): a native platform dedicated for power automation.

DCS System Configurator Editor

Configuring a Power Automation Distributed Control System is a sensitive task consisting of designing, updating and loading the databases of each device in a coherent way throughout the life of the system. Configuration of a flexible system usually involves a high degree of expertise for navigating between multiple software applications such as communications, automation and graphical tools.

To help you overcome these challenges, we have developed the DCS System Configuration Editor (SCE). DCS SCE offers an integrated environment that gives you full control of your substation’s Digital Control System design. DCS SCE can be used by non-specialists to quickly create and modify the full database using graphical programming.

DCS System Management Tool

DCS System Management Tool (SMT) is application software that guarantees software version management throughout all DCS solution elements. From the configuration databases generated via the DCS SCE, the DCS SMT ensures: the distribution of these files to the right equipment in stand-by status, the split between running databases and new ones and the display at any time of the complete configuration database for the user.

DCS SMT provides the management of the DCS database history. This enables users to compare different versions, to create successive versions matching the progressive substation automation (in case of a retrofit or extension) or to prepare databases in parallel.

DCS SMT can be implemented at the site or run from a remote location, providing the user with complete systems and equipment maintenance information. DCS SMT also allows the automatic upload of disturbance and waveform files.

DCS Equipment Simulator

The DCS Equipment Simulator Application is a PC based tool used to simulate any device or group of devices communicating on Ethernet UCA2 or IEC 61850. The DCS Equipment Simulator contains a library of devices with their associated I/Os, an interface with DCS SCE (which contains the exact I/Os of each device) and a scenario language able to emulate the behavior of these I/Os. With DCS ES the user can run pre-defined scenarios and visualize the information sent and received over Ethernet UCA2 or IEC 61850 from the simulated piece of equipment or cluster of equipment.