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Multilin D.20 RIO – Legacy
Distributed I/O Controller

Manufacturing for D.20 RIO has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the G100 or G500.

GE's Multilin D.20 RIO Distributed I/O Controller is a stand-alone, small form factor device designed to provide distributed I/O capabilities for easy connection to the Multilin D400™ gateway through any point in the substation LAN. The D.20 RIO provides an interface to GE's Multilin D20 Series of I/O modules.
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Key Benefits
  • Reduced copper wiring between I/O modules and substation controllers by adding I/O near the monitored device and communicating to the D400 over the substation LAN
  • Easy installation of the small form factor D.20 RIO into existing control panels
  • Cost effective deployment of new and retrofit substation automation projects through compatibility of D400 Substation Gateways and Multilin D20 Input / Output peripheral modules

  • Application
  • Optimize life cycle management of aging D20 RTUs. The D20 module interface enables users to maintain and leverage existing engineering designs, processes and automation infrastructure
  • Simplify implementation of distributed substation automation architectures by installing I/O where it's needed and reducing copper wiring between I/O and substation controller
  • Features
    Ease of Use
  • No special configuration tools are required, the device is connected via Ethernet using a standard web browser
  • D400 automatically detects the D.20 RIO and establishes communications with the D20 modules
  • Intuitive user interface integrates the D20 I/O modules within minutes
  • Compatible with v3.X series of the D20 I/O PCommon code
  • No Substation LAN? No problem. Connect the D.20 RIO to the built in D400 Ethernet switch
  •   Hardware
  • Small form factor. Product supplied with accessories for multiple mounting options (19" rack, DIN Rail, panel mount)
  • Support for dual D.20 communication links
  • Jumper configurable option for internal or external wetting of D20 peripherals

  • Cost Effective Upgrade Solution

    Utilities have large investments in hard wired automation systems. As a piece of equipment ages it fails more frequently, takes longer to repair, and eventually reaches the end of its life. Re-design and forklift replacements require utilities to re-engineer substation designs, replace field wiring, and re-train staff to manage and maintain the system, which is a costly endeavor.

    The D.20 RIO option with support for D.20 communications provides a cost effective alternative to upgrades of legacy D20 RTUs. Simply replace the failed or end of life D20 unit with a D400 Gateway and D.20 RIO module, plug the D.20 interface cable into the D.20 RIO, connect the D.20 RIO to the D400 or an Ethernet port in the substation LAN and you are ready to add modern functionality to the D400 series of Substation Gateways including:

  • Cyber security features for integration into NERC CIP environments
  • Secure real time browser access
  • Browser-based HMI interface
  • Secure remote engineering access
  • IEC 61850 capabilities
  • Automatic record retrieval (fault records, SOE, settings files, any other file available in the IED)

  • I/O Where You Need It, Minimizing Wiring Cost

    The D.20 RIO Distributed I/O Controller is a small form factor stand-alone device that supports two D.20 link channels for communication with the D20 series of input / output modules.

    • Interface with standard D20 I/O (status, analog input, control and combination input) peripheral modules
    • Support for up to 30 I/O modules in a single D.20 RIO, or distributed over up to four D.20 RIO devices within the substation
    • Small form factor with multiple mounting options for installation flexibility: 19" Rack, panel mount or DIN Rail

    Use the D.20 RIO module to install input / output modules in the substation LAN. No substation LAN? No problem, connect the optional D.20 RIO device directly to the built-in D400 Ethernet switch.

    User Interface

    Front Panel

    Back Panel
    Technical Specifications