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EnerVista launchpad is a single source for communicating with multiple products in a network. This innovating software provides customers with critical data that can be used for site audits, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and fleet management.

Engineers require real-time data from their protection relays to ensure maximum uptime and assist with troubleshooting faults. The device management tool simplifies this process with the single click of a button, which links all relays in a connected network and displays system critical data. Additionally, an innovative health report provides the engineer with a quick view on the performance of each relay in the network.

Management of protection relays at any installation is the ultimate goal as it plays a key role in the installed base proactive maintenance. The fleet management tool collects and stores information on each relay connected to the network, which can easily be retrieved and analyzed to perform site audits and determine upgrade requirements.

Enervista Launchpad

Get real-time feedback with Viewpoint Engineer software, and easily monitor the internal status of relay logic in real time. This software package will also reveal the status of the IEC 61850 GOOSE messages as seen from both the sending and receiving relays, while allowing you to manage, configure, and test your UR and URPlus relays at a system level in an easy to use graphical drag-and-drop environment.

  • Monitoring of logic status
  • Monitoring of peer-to-peer communications
  • Documentation of logic
  • Designing substation automation
  • Enervista Launchpad
    Providing complete detailed graphical diagnostic information is a first in the industry. GE provides the motor diagnostic information in a legible easy to use format that enables the user to make informed decision on the health of their motor.

  • Start/Stop history
  • Comprehensive trip details
  • Learned acceleration time and starting current
  • Many other critical motor health details
  • UR Switches Module