Digital Energy Protection & Control Innovations

MultiLink Managed Ethernet Switches provide extremely reliable networking with very fast reconfiguration times for recovering from faults occurring in the network. The complete set of network management functions available will provide the configurability and monitoring capability needed for most applications, while the high level of Security features available will ensure your network is always protected from tampering or illegal access. In addition, MultiLink switches offer industry-leading port density, with support for up to 32 ports in a single chassis. Combined with support for both copper connections and a variety of fibre-optic connector choices, MultiLink switches are flexible enough to work with a variety of network media types and applications.

In addition to providing high-speed connectivity directly to your Universal Relay, the MultiLink UR Switch module provides an additional 4 Fiber Ethernet ports, for connection to other relays in the system as well as upstream connectivity. It also provides 2 RJ-45 copper Ethernet ports which can be used to connect local devices such as PCs, meters, or virtually anything else in the system. The UR Switch provides a simple way to add fully-managed Ethernet networking to your relays and devices without the need for additional hardware or a dedicated communications cabinet. The UR Switch includes all the management and features that come with all MultiLink managed switches, and can be easily integrated into a network that has other Ethernet switches.

GE’s MDS devices are the world’s leading single-source, end-to-end wireless solutions. From wellhead monitoring to utility substation automation, our wireless devices are packaged for industrial environments and have been rated and tested to harsh industrial specifications. Our wireless networks carry serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, plus analog and digital I/O signals connected directly to field devices and sensors, accommodating an extensive array of industrial protocols.

GE’s Lentronics Multiplexers are rugged telecommunications solutions for electric utility, pipeline, transportation and industrial applications. The Lentronics Multiplexer family offers T1, SONET and SDH standards based solutions for both short and long range applications over optical fiber and other media. This powerful family of multiplexers permits consolidation of all telecommunications requirements into a single, integrated network.