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Time Synchronization

Precision Time Clock with IEEE 1588 v2


Reason RT430 and RT434 - GNSS Precision-Time Clocks RT430/434 is a GNSS clock referenced to GPS and GLONASS satellites, whose main application is to be a source of temporal synchronization signals in different formats and protocols to synchronize internal clocks of equipment and systems based on digital processing.


Reason RT431 - GPS Precision Time Clock RT431 Time Code Generator is a compact GPS-based clock designed to be installed on a DIN-rail that supports the IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP). When configured as PTP slave, RT431 also works as a transceiver from PTP to IRIG-B, serial or pulse time codes, enabling the use of PTP on IEDs that do not support this protocol.

Time Signal Accessories


Reason RT411 - Time Signal Distributor The Reason RT411 Time Signal Distributor is the most cost effective way to synchronize multiple devices in the substation. It works as a time signal transceiver providing up to 20 time outputs from a single input, such that the expense of installing multiple GPS antennas in the substation is avoided.


Reason RT412 - Optical Transceiver The RT412 is an electrical-optical or optical-electrical time synchronizing format converter whose characteristics allow multiplication of GPS clock outputs, and distribution of time synchronizing across the substation where there are significant distances between panels.

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