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STV Overexcitation Relay - Legacy

STV Overexcitation Relay

Manufacturing for STV has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to P342, 889 or G30.

The Type STV relay is a single-phase static overexcitation relay. It consists of an overexcitation sensing unit which has a linear volts per hertz pickup characteristic, and a timing unit to provide a definite time before initiating some protective action. A target seal-in unit is also provided to protect the timing unit contacts during tripping duty.

The Type STV relay is designed specifically for equipment protection in case of overexcitation. Overexcitation of a generator or power transformer may occur during start-up, shutdown, or as result of remote load rejection. As as result, overheating due to core saturation within a very short time may cause severe damage. This relay, employing a constant volts per hertz pickup, recognizes overexcitation and initiates some appropriate action to protect the equipment.

Features and Benefits
  • Target seal-in units
  • Drawout case
  • Applications
  • Transformer and generator protection
  • Alarm and backup protection
  • Protection and Control
  • Overexcitation
  • Adjustable pick-up voltage
  • Adjustable time delay