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C60 Breaker Protection System
Integrated breaker monitoring and control for substation automation. The C60, a member of the UR Family, is a substation hardened controller that provides a complete integrated package for the protection, control, and monitoring or circuit breakers within a substation. The C60 provides fast and deterministic execution of programmable logic necessary for substation automation applications.

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C30 Controller System
Substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller. The C30, a member of the UR Family, is a digital IED designed to act as a substation hardened programmable logic controller that can also expand the I/O capability of protection devices and replace existing Sequence of Events (SOE) Recorders. The C30 provides fast and deterministic execution of programmable logic with I/O capabilities far above an average protection relay.

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C650 Bay Control & Monitoring System
Substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller. The Multilin 650 has been designed to provide control, monitoring, and automation for a wide range of applications including bay control and monitoring in electrical substations. With high-density I/O capable of supporting up to 192 programmable digital inputs, the C650 can also be used to extend the I/O capability of new or existing protection & control relays. With powerful and deterministic programmable logic, advanced communications, and metering capabilities the C650 is flexible, cost-effective, and reliable solution for substation control.

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N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System
Load shedding, remedial action and special protection schemes. The N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, is a flexible device intended for the development of load shedding and special protection schemes.

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MiCOM Agile P847 Phasor Measurement Unit
The P847 Phasor Measurement Unit forms part of GE’s system monitoring and control. The device is used to measure power system data in real time and report to the PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator) for visualization, data storage and most importantly for running a variety of ‘on line’ and ‘off line’ applications in systems analysis and control. The ultimate goal is to run the system economically and preserve system stability following major disturbances.

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C70 Capacitor Bank Protection and Control System
Integrated protection, control and monitoring for capacitor banks. Based on the well-established and proven UR relay platform, the C70 provides both bank and system protection schemes for shunt capacitor protection. The current and voltage-based protection functions are designed to provide sensitive protection for grounded, ungrounded single and parallel capacitor banks and banks with taps, for a variety of capacitor bank configurations. Combined with the sophisticated built-in control functions turn ON/OFF banks with relative ease and flexibility for automatic voltage regulation.

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CIO Remote CAN I/O Module
    Remote CAN Bus Input/Output module for the 650 Family of relays. The remote CIO module provides additional input and output capabilities for the GE Multilin 650 family of relays.

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DBF Digital Breaker Failure
The DBF is a digital breaker failure relay that provides phase and ground backup protection if the primary circuit breaker fails to clear a system fault.

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RRTD Remote RTD Module
Remote temperature monitoring of RTDs for metering and protection. The Remote RTD Module provides additional RTD temperature metering capabilities for the 369 and M60 Motor Protection Systems.

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KITZ 101/102 Interfaces
GE's range of KITZ (100 series) courier interface units provides reliable, flexible serial connection for interfacing with desktop computers or master stations.

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