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SGC Negative Sequence Overcurrent

SGC Negative Sequence Overcurrent

This product is under last-time buy. Orders may be placed until 31st December 2021 and will be fulfilled based upon availability. As an alternative, please refer to P342, 889 or G30.

The Type SGC relay is a static negative time overcurrent relay. It is intended primarily for the protection of generators against possible damage from unbalanced currents resulting from prolonged faults or unbalanced load conditions. The SGC features high sensitivity and dial selection of K setting from K = 2 to K = 40. A reset memory approximates machine cooling following intermittent negative-sequence overcurrent. The SGC comes in a standard M2 draw out case.

Features and Benefits
  • K setting selection from K = 2 to 40
  • Reset function approximates machine cooling
  • Remote I2 readout meter available
  • Alarm function available
  • Electrically operated target seal-in
  • Alarm level LED available
  • Drawout case
  • Applications
  • Generator negative sequence heating protection
  • Protection and Control
  • Negative sequence time overcurrent