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PPQM - Legacy
Portable Power Quality Meter

PPQM Portable Power Quality Meter
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GE Grid Solutions has discontinued manufacturing of PPQM meters. As an alternative, please refer to PQMII.

When portable monitoring of a 3 phase system is required, a Portable PQM is an ideal choice. The portable version of the PQM has all the same features as the panel mount PQM available in a rugged carrying case. These features include metering for current, voltage, real, reactive and apparent power, energy use (kWh, kvarh kVAh), power factor, demand, THD and frequency. Hardware features include programmable setpoints, four switch inputs and 4 assignable output relays which allow control functions for over/under current or voltage, unbalance, demand based load shedding and capacitor power factor control. The PPQM comes equipped with three clamp-on current probes and four fused voltage probes for easy connection to the power system or device being monitored. The PPQM can be connected directly to systems 600 V or less and can be connected to the secondary of the VTs for systems greater than 600 V.

  • Portable metering of distribution feeders, transformers, generators, capacitor banks and motors
  • Locate power quality problems at their source
  • Locate problem areas to improve efficiency and reduce costly power factor and demand penalties
  • Medium and low voltage systems
  • Commercial, industrial, utility
  • Flexible control for demand load shedding, power factor, etc.
  • Protection and Control
  • A V W var VA varh Wh PF Hz unbalance
  • A W var VA demand
  • Power factor control
  • Pulse input totalizing