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MiCOM Agile P341 - Legacy
Interconnection Protection

The P341 is under last-time buy. Orders may be placed until 1st December 2024 and will be fulfilled based upon availability. As an alternative, please refer to P14DG or P143 or 850D.

The MiCOM Agile P341 interconnection protection relays offer the protection requirements necessary for operating machines in parallel with the main power supply network. The P341 can be customized to meet the specific needs of the intended application. It offers complete, cost-effective and highly reliable protection for interconnecting distributed generators to the grid.

P341 also includes Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) protection to optimize transmission line capacity. Gains of 50% or more can be achieved, enabling more distributed generation (DG) to be connected to the grid, by taking into account the real time weather conditions to calculate the line rating compared to using the fixed summer/winter line ratings. DLR is a cost effective alternative to reinforcing overhead lines to increase capacity, and higher DG revenues can be made with a higher line rating.

Key Features

  • Check synchronizer manages closing of generator circuit breaker when connecting to the grid
  • Dual techniques for loss of mains/islanding detection using df/dt or voltage vector shift
  • Current loop analogue inputs (CLIO) for monitoring of external sensors e.g. weather sensors for DLR
  • Dynamic line rating for maximizing the loadability of the transmission line Programmable curves for overcurrent, earth fault, SEF, neutral voltage and over/under voltage for easy protection customization


  • Transmits IEEE C37.118-2005 synchrophasor data at up to 60 frames per second
  • Available with a full suite of back-up protection functions
  • IEC 61850 or DNP3 Ethernet station bus communication
  • Transmitted time-tagged signals are phase currents, voltages, their derivatives, frequency, rate of change of frequency plus binary signals

Key benefits:

  • Real time monitoring and control of the power system
  • Available with ancillary protection, control and recording functions
  • Flexible communications
  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation, and avoids the need for external logic controllers

Agile P34x IEDs Software Release

The Agile Generator/DG Interconnection/DLR P34x IEDs are now available with software 38/72. This software allows new enhancements and protection improvements, in P341-6 range of products.

The IEDs available with the new software are:

  • P341 Interconnection/DLR Hardware P (P341) / Software v38 (standard), v72 (with DLR)
  • P342-6 Generator Hardware P (P342), M (P343/4/5/6) / Software v38

Software 38/72 features:

  • Enhanced power protection with 4 stages of single phase power/VAR (P341-6) selectable as A/B/C phase or 4 stages wattmetric power/VAR (P345) and 4 stages of 3 phase power/VAR protection (P341-6)
  • New minimum power setting reduced to 0.2%Pn for large generator reverse power applications
  • New user curves for overcurrent, voltage dependent overcurrent, earth fault, SEF, under/overvoltage, NVD, V/Hz for creation of user specific characteristics eg for undervoltage fault ride through applications
  • Independent voltage dependant overcurrent (51V) and underimpedance (21) protection New field failure directional line and increase in setting ranges for field failure elements
  • New 3rd stage of undervoltage protection
  • New cybersecurity
  • New PSL counters and timers settable in PSL or in settings enables more complex logic schemes to be created such as equivalent logic to TP2xx pole slipping (de-synchronisation) relay
  • A large range of communications protocols including IEC61850 8-1 and new DNP 3.0 over Ethernet
  • New XCPU3 with extended memory, new opto input and PSU design (P and M hardware)