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Agile P253
Motor Protection

The P50 Agile P253 provides basic motor protection for small and medium size MV/LV motors. It includes a wide range of measurements for motor supervision and operations including starting current record, and features flexible SCADA communication options such as Modbus/IEC 60870-5-103 or DNP3.0.

The principal protection functions include thermal overload, negative sequence overcurrent, loss of load, prolonged start,  locked rotor (starting / normal running), restricted earth fault, excessive number of starts and speed switch input. Additional versatility is provided through backup overcurrent and earth fault protection, with up to 3 independent stages, breaker fail and trip circuit supervision functions. The hardware capability is broadened by a sensitive earth fault CT option.

The user may assign any of the logical/physical statuses to binary inputs, outputs and programmable LEDs. All the output contacts are changeover type for ease of implementing the desired wiring schematic.

Key Features

  • Optimized protection for motor applications
  • Cost effective solution
  • Measurement, protection and monitoring in one box
  • Front USB port for local communication
  • Flexible SCADA communication options
  • Diagnostics/maintenance facilities Universal, wide-range auxiliary supply for procurement and inventory standardization
  • Same form factor for feeder/motor relays
  • Password protection for security
  • Extensive self-supervision and internal diagnostics