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MiCOM Agile P24x
Motor Protection

The MiCOM Agile P24x relays offer comprehensive motor protection, control and monitoring for both induction and synchronous motors with up to 10 RTD inputs. The relays provide enhanced diagnostics and fault analysis, optimized machine thermal image monitoring and customized thermal curves to match more closely with the machine withstand limits.

Key Features

  • Current loop analogue inputs and outputs for remote monitoring 
  • Harsh environment protection extends the life of the product
  • Redundant IEC 61850 Ethernet
  • Binary inputs offer programmable pickup voltage thresholds and programmable filtering - truly universal application
  • ATEX certified for hazardous areas
What's New

What's New

Enhanced Ethernet board module with switchable Ethernet redundancy delivered in a single model.

The new board module is supported on P241, P242 and P243 SW 60 with IEC 61850 Ed. 2 supported on SW 70 (coming soon).

It supports PRP, HSR and RSTP in one model, allowing a single P40 model to be used in any application requiring redundant Ethernet communications. The new module is designed to handle high density traffic in the IEC 61850-8-1 network, with time latency halved. Larger architecture digital substations can also be supported, with up to 50 nodes now possible in HSR rings.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Universal IRIG-B – Modulated and demodulated supported in the same model
  • HSR Ring – Extended to 50 node support for larger substation architectures
  • Fast performance, particularly in onerous applications such as where process bus GOOSE is used for tripping purposes


  • User programmable operate/reset curves for thermal, overcurrent and earth fault protection
  • Loss of field and out of step, anti backspin and loss of load, 3 phase volt check, phase reversal, VTS and CTS
  • Comprehensive start sequence and re-acceleration scheme
  • RTD and CLIO (current-loop I/O) available as hardware options
  • 2 independent setting groups
  • Option of up to 10 RTD inputs, with a selection of different RTD types

Key benefits:

  • Programmable Scheme Logic to allow easy customization of the protection and control functions
  • Reacceleration (27LV) / low voltage ride through auto restart feature
  • Advanced post fault analysis
  • Wide choice of communication protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5- 103, Modbus & Courier)


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