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iSTAT M2x2
Standard Measurement Centre family

The iSTAT M2x2 family includes:

The M2x2 is a Measurement Centre providing quick, reliable measurement and monitoring of electrical quantities in a single or 3-phase distribution system.

The M2x2 is configurable to meet the requirements of the medium voltage utility and low voltage industrial markets throughout the world.

High sampling rates and true RMS measurement give accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with Measurement accuracy better than 0.5% and Class 1 Energy, which are suitable for many applications.

The M2x2 are supplied with 2 pulse outputs for energy and can have 2 tariff inputs (4 tariffs) fitted as an option. On the M232 the pulse outputs can be reconfigured as alarm outputs for the 16 software alarms available.

The M232 is fitted with either RS232 or RS485 communications using MODBUS for simple connection to DCS/SCADA.

The M232 can use the QDSP software to define and store all settings, and QDSP is required to configure the alarms.

The M232 is a close functional equivalent to the M231, but also offers tariff inputs, software and hardware alarms and additional measurements. The M232 can communicate using the same MODBUS register map as used on the M231.