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KITZ 274

The KITZ 274 is suitable for local desktop computers or remote substations. This flexible protocol converter can be used for a wide range of connections and its high quality design ensures optimum reliability.

Specific firmware for direct SCADA interfacing

Like the 100 and 20x series, the KITZ 274 model provides conversion between K-BUS ports of IEC60870 format data. However, specific P740 Courier firmware is used so as to directly interface with integrated SCADA systems. It is suitable for mounting and enables communications with up to 32 devices at a maximum distance of 1km in electronically hostile environments.

Quality connection in local and remote locations

The KITZ 274 ensures simple EIA232 connections for both local and remote locations. Designed to meet the same high standards as protection relays, it ensures interfaces for up to eight MiCOM Alstom P74x Courier relays to an IEC60870-5-103 or VDEW master station.