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Check Synchronising Relay

KAVS is a stand-alone synchronism check relay that can be applied on all power systems from distribution to transmission voltages. It is user-friendly and flexible in its operating logic.

End of life notice: The KAVS has been discontinued as from June 30th, 2016

Integral serial communications and check-synchronisation

Part of the K relay range, KAVS is designed for use in all power systems from distribution to transmission voltages. It can be integrated into an overall protection and control system via its integral serial communications facility.

KAVS checks that the voltage, phase angle and frequency on either side of an open circuit breaker are such that it is safe to close. KAVS provides the check synchronising or dead line/bus interlocks required for some auto-reclose applications, as well as split system detection. It also checks synchronising interlocks for manual reconnection following a system split.

Optimum design and user-friendly interface

Compact, numeric KAVS relays benefit from optimal design. They are equipped with a user-friendly interface and flexible operating logic.