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JBC/JBCG/JBCV Phase and Ground Overcurrent Relay

JBC/JBCG/JBCV Phase and Ground Overcurrent Relay

Orders will be accepted for JBC/JBCG/JBCV relays through 1st October, 2018. As an alternative, please refer to the 350 and P14D relays.

The Types JBC, JBCG and JBCV relays consist of three units, an instananeous power-directional unit (bottom) of the induction-cup type, a time overcurrent unit (middle) of the induction-disk type, and an instantaneous-overcurrent unit (top) of the induction-cup type. The directional-unit contacts control the operation of both the instantaneous and the time-overcurrent units (directional control). In this application, the instantaneous unit provides high-speed protection for close-in high-current faults.

  • Directional phase fault protection (JBC)
  • Directional ground fault protection (JBCG)
  • Protection and Control
  • Time overcurrent
  • Instantaneous overcurrent