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IBCG Ground Directional Overcurrent Relay

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the 350 and P14D relays.

The Type IBC directional overcurrent relays are employed primarily for the protection of feeders and transmission lines in applications where single-phase relays are desired or required.

The Types IBC and IBCG relays consist of two units, an instanta-neous power-directional unit (bottom) of the induction-cup type, and a time overcurrent unit (top) of the induction-disk type. The direc-tional- unit contacts control the operation of the overcurrent unit (directional control).

Features and Benefits
  • Mechanical targets
  • 3 inverse time/current operating
  • characteristics
  • Drawout case
  • Applications
  • Directional phase fault protection (IBC)
  • Directional ground fault protection (IBCG)
  • Protection and Control
  • Time overcurrent