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Multilin H500
Substation Hardened Industrial Computer

Designed to withstand the stresses of substation environments, the H500 provides a reliable platform to run Windows applications for industrial and utility applications that fit into a company’s existing Windows environment. With its modern and robust design, the H500 is designed for rugged computing needs and mission critical applications, where high-performance processing and reliable operations are required.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize substation architectures with a reliable IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliant platform, with no moving parts
  • Flexible operations with Windows operating system, allowing users to run multiple software applications tailored to their needs
  • Simplify engineering and operations through consolidation of hardware interfaces
  • Reduce system cost by eliminating external redboxes, with built-in PRP and HSR functionality
  • Improve time synchronization performance with Precision Time Protocol (IEEE1588 PTP) or IRIG-B
  • Built-in security Encrypted SSDs, Trusted Platform Module (TPM)


  • Substation HMI Computer
  • Central Authentication Server
  • Security Key Distribution and Management Center
  • Engineering Workstation
  • Hardened Substation Automation computer
  • Rugged Industrial Automation Computer
H500 Substation HMI