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Multilin EPM 9650
EPM 9650 - Legacy

GE Grid Solutions has discontinued sales of this product.  As an alternative, please refer to EPM 9700.


The EPM 9650 is GE's most advanced 9000 series meter with advanced power quality capability and waveform recording functions. The unit utilizes ACCU-MeasureĀ® Technology to provide highly accurate revenue grade readings coupled with advanced data analysis. The unit measures over 15,000 electrical parameters including real time harmonics to the 128th order, voltage surges and sags, waveform recordings, transients and a large assortment of advanced monitoring functionality. The unit also provides advanced expandable I/O with up to 256 points for control, data acquisition and alarms functions.

This meter is ideally suited for critical power applications, common couplings with Utilities, load or process control and most other power monitoring applications.

Features & Benefits
  • High-performance power quality and revenue class metering for critical power applications
  • EN50160 flicker with up to 512 waveform samples per cycle & high-speed transient recording
  • Built-in GPS clock sync capability for accurate time stamping of events and alarms for synchronized system monitoring
  • Exceeds ANSI C-12 and IEC 687 specifications for accuracy with auto calibration using temperature compensation
  • Software and hardware triggers record waveform events enabling fault analysis, system apparatus monitoring and many other applications
  • Real time phasor analyzer monitors phase angles between the voltages and currents
  • Record THD to the 255th order peak and real-time harmonic magnitudes analysis to the 128th order for every channel
  • Simplified system integration with communication option for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet with Modbus/TCP
  • Expandable analog and digital output modules for polling, logging, and transfer of data to master station devices

Metering Communications Software Wiring
Precision Power Quality Measurement

EPM 9650 captures up to 512 samples per cycle for an event. Voltage and current are recorded with pre- and post-event analysis. Hardware and software triggers are available to activate a waveform reading, which can be used for power quality surveys, fault analysis, breaker timing, motor start-up, etc.

Measure harmonics magnitude up to the 255th order for each voltage and current channel. Real-time harmonics magnitude are resolved to the 128th order. Percent THD and K-factor are also calculated. Harmonic magnitude analysis allows users to conduct power quality analysis at the high end of the harmonic spectrum.

EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring waveform viewer for analyzing fault data DNP 3.0EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring waveform viewer for analyzing fault data DNP 3.0
Robust Communications

The EPM 9650 offers four built-in communication ports. Each port can communicate independently using supported protocols. Standard protocols include Modbus RTU/ASCII and DNP 3.0. Logs and waveform events are available in Modbus format. Port 3 and Port 4 can be used as a Modbus slave for external output modules.

The EPM 9650 also offers high speed-transducer outputs for control purposes. These outputs offer 50 msec updates for all instantaneous readings. The unit can be used as a high-speed control transducer for power generation, transmission line synchronization and other control schemes.

Multiple Communication Paths

Multiple Communication PathsMultiple socket Internet or Intranet meter access up to 12 sockets simultaneously
Viewpoint Monitoring

Viewpoint monitoring is a simple-to-use, full-featured monitoring and data recording software package for small systems. Viewpoint Monitoring provides a complete HMI package that instantly puts critical real-time device data on your PC through pre-configured graphical screens with the following functionality:

  • Plug-&-Play Device Monitoring
  • System Single-Line Monitoring & Control
  • Annunciator Alarm Screens
  • Trending Reports
  • Automatic Event Retrieval
  • Automatic Waveform Retrieval
EnerVista Integrator

EnerVista Integrator is a toolkit that allows seamless integration of GE Multilin devices into new or existing automation systems by sending GE device data to HMI, DCS, and SCADA systems. Included in EnerVista Integrator is:

  • OPC/DDE Server
  • GE Multilin Drivers
  • Automatic Event Retrieval
  • Automatic Waveform Retrieval
EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring - Monitor the status of digital inputs and review the magnitude of system highs and lows
Typical Wiring
EPM9650 Typical Wiring