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EPM 5200
EPM 5200 Power Metering System

GE's EPM 5200 measures electrical voltage, current and power values for energy management and load monitoring applications. It provides revenue grade electrical energy readings with advanced Modbus based digital communications. The unit is ideal for sub-metering and cost allocation. The EPM 5200 is designed for most power monitoring applications in either new construction or meter retrofit projects.

Please Note:
The EPM 5200 has been discontinued as of April 8, 2011. As an alternative product, we recommend the EPM 6000.
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Features and Benefits
  • Ideal monitor for meter rooms, electrical equipment, and sub-metering.
  • Revenue Accurate, true RMS measurements of over 80 voltage, current and power values including bi-directional energy.
  • Bright LED display is easy to read and provides extremely long life.
  • Supports Modbus RTU protocol with RS485 Interface.
  • Standard ANSI Cutout Perfect for New and Existing Switchboard Panels.
  • Perfect for new construction and upgrade applications.
  • Supports three phase connections to 4-wire wye and 3-wire delta systems.