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EPM 2000
EPM 2000
Digital Power Meter

The EPM 2000 meter measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a low-cost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial and power generation applications. EPM 2000 can easily be mounted in a panel for generator monitoring, substation automation and more. Meter can also provide data to RTUs, PLCs and other control devices.

Features and Benefits
  • Economical meter for Circuit Monitoring of Panels, Main Feeds, Branch Circuits, Gensets & equipment with communications
  • True RMS measurement
  • Universal operation - 50 / 60 Hz, user programmable for high, medium or low voltage circuits
  • DIN Standard 96 x 96 mm size for easy installation in new and retrofit Panels

  • Continuous metering of electrical loads such as generator panels, feeders, switchgear, etc.
  • Low and Medium voltage applications

Monitoring and Metering
  • Measures 3-phase real time amps, volts, power, energy, power factor and frequency
  • Monitors equipment "run hours", "on hours" and interruptions (outages)

User Interface
  • Brilliant 3 line LED Display
  • Auto Scrolling feature
  • Standard RS-485 Modbus communications