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EPM 1000 Sub-meter
EPM 1000 Sub-meter (Discontinued)

GE's EPM 1000 is an easy to use energy/demand data logging meter suitable for new construction or retrofit application. Its rugged metal enclosure is designed for fast installation as well as tamper resistance. The integral LCD display provides access to over 50 electrical parameters in real-time or historical format. The EPM 1000 is available in numerous packages for either Kwh or demand applications. These packages can be purchased as 120/208V or 277/480V ranges with either solid or split core CTs.

The EPM 1000 also provides two modes of communication: (a) Standard PLC (Power Line Communication) where the AC lines act as the communication medium - Perfect for retrofit applications where pulling new communication lines is difficult and expensive or, (b) Optional RS-485 Modbus Open Protocol Communication for networking to third party systems.

Features and Benefits
  • EASY TO INSTALL/VERIFY - Minimizes installation/configuration time to reduce contractor labor costs as well as provide instant on-site verification of proper installation, thus reducing wiring errors.
  • LOW COST - Sophisticated yet affordable metering devices provide advanced functionality in a rugged enclosure. Solid or split-core CTs provides the best-suited sensor for the right solution.
  • LOCAL VIEWING DISPLAY - Simple pushbutton access allows instant viewing of real-time and historical data on easy to read front liquid crystal display.
  • TAMPER RESISTANT DESIGN - Spacious rugged metal enclosure is easy to install and provides tamper resistance.
  • COMPREHENSIVE DATA - Real-time per-phase viewing of voltage, current, THD, power factor, phase angle, watts, VAR's, VA, and frequency. Event reporting with time and date stamps regarding power consumption, demand resets, power-ups/power-downs, time changes, and tampers is available via liquid crystal display.
  • AVAILABLE IN SOLID & SPLIT CORE OPTION - A comprehensive packaged selection of CT sizes is available in either solid core (for new construction/lower cost options) or split core (for retrofit/existing) cases.
  • MODES OF COMMUNICATION - Power Line Communication (PLC) modes, directly through existing AC lines, thus eliminating dedicated hard wiring and labor or optional RS-485 Modbus.
  • ACCURATE - Meets ANSI C12.16 specifications.
  • EPM 1000 software, communication transponder (for network applications).