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EB-1/2/4 Terminal Boards
ET-16/17 Indicating Lamps
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The EB-1 is a one piece molded terminal board. Each is equipped with binding screws for circuit wire connections and a white marking strip for circuit identification. The EB-2 is of the same basic construction and dimensions as the EB-I except that clamp (pressure) type connectors are furnished for circuit wire connections. Both the EB-1 and EB-2 will accommodate wires up to and including Number 4.

Where a large amount of small wiring is necessary on the back of switchboard, the terminal boards listed below will be found very convenient for attaching the wires, not to exceed No. 8 in size. Molded-composition terminal beards make possible neat, compact arrangements on the back of the switchboard.

Where a high current rated block is necessary, such as in control power connections.