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Digital Energy Protection & Control Transmission Line Protection
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DLPD Digital Line Protection System

DLPD Digital Line Protection System

The DLPD provides distance protection for HV and EHV transmission lines. It may be used for single or three phase tripping applications. It includes four zones of distance
protection. User selectable pilot schemes are provided with step
distance backup. Ground instantaneous and time overcurrent
functions are independently selectable to be directional or
non-directional. Phase overcurrent backup consists of a non-directional instantaneous function. Undervoltage is provided as well as potential fuse failure detection logic. The DLPD has high speed tripping, typically 0.75 to 1.5 cycles, and out of step blocking.

  • Distance protection for transmission lines

  • Protection and Control
  • Four zones of distance functions
  • Pilot protection, step distance backup
  • Out of step blocking and tripping
  • Phase instantaneous overcurrent
  • Ground instantaneous overcurrent
  • Time overcurrent backup
  • Ground directional overcurrent
  • Potential fuse failure function
  • High speed tripping
  • Optional two shot recloser
  • Protection schemes user selectable
  • Configurable inputs (3) and outputs (6)
  • 4 settings groups

  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Integrated metering
  • Fault location
  • Fault reporting of last 5 faults
  • Event reporting of last 100 events
  • Trip circuit monitor
  • Flexible oscillography
  • Self-test diagnostics