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DDS Digital Distribution System - Legacy

DDS Digital Distribution System
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Manufacturing for DDS has been discontinued. Please see individual product pages for more information.

The DDS family of devices provide economical protection, control, metering and monitoring functionality to electrical utilities and industrial customers.

The DDS family substitute with one box a complete set of discrete devices such as electromechanical relays, meters, annunciator panels, pushbuttons, transducer, auxiliary relays, and mimic drawings.

  • Multifunction protection and control devices for feeders, transformers, busbars
  • Substation automation
  • Distributed RTUs for control automation
  • Protection and Control
  • DMS: Bay protection and control unit
  • SMOR-B: Multifunction feeder protection
  • DTP-B: Digital transformer protection
  • DBF: Digital breaker failure protection
  • DRS: Digital reclosing system
  • DTR: Digital tap changer
  • DFF: Digital frequency protection
  • Alarm management
  • Monitoring and Metering
  • System metering
  • Oscillography recording
  • Reports and trends
  • Remote device status and operations
  • User Interface
  • LCD Display and keypad for local communications
  • M-Link and ModBus® protocols for PC communications