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CyberSentry SEM - Legacy

Security Event Manager

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us to discuss alternatives.

CyberSentry™ SEM Security Event Manager is GE's cyber security management and monitoring system, specifically designed to help utilities and energy intensive industrial companies manage security risks. Standing guard 24/7, CyberSentry SEM monitors for configuration changes and cyber security issues. CyberSentry SEM monitors and reports cyber security issues of grid automation and communications devices and to help utilities prove their compliance to North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards.

Key Features:

  • Practical interface for ease-of-use
  • CyberSentry Contact Us
  • Customizable logging for complete control
  • Intelligent monitoring to allow approved operations
  • Alarm activation for immediate response and containment
  • Audit reporting saves time and costs

  • Key Benefits & ApplicationsProduct Detail

    Security report & security dashboard
    Key Benefits

    • Manages cyber security in protective relaying and automation systems with a straightforward, yet powerful set of software tools designed specifically for power systems and grid automation experts.

    • Simplifies security reporting for NERC CIP audits with easy-to-use templates and workflows that document all activity, to ensure a safe and secure system.

    • Modernizes security logs from aging relays and other grid automation electronics, translating events into industry standard syslog format and interfacing to the latest cyber security systems to avoiding costly and premature upgrades.

    • Shields against human errors during routine protection testing and maintenance, by raising alarms when changes to relay configurations occur, preventing costly outages.

    • Alerts system owners to unwanted changes in devices that could occur as the result of an insider or external cyber attack.


    • Transmission and generation utilities covered by NERC CIP cyber security compliance regulations

    • Industrial power producers and users with mission critical cyber assets

    • Independent power producers with digital relays, grid automation devices, switches and communications infrastructure

    • Municipal and co-op utilities managing power systems of all sizes

    CyberSecurity SEM Security Dashboard

    The CyberSentry SEM security dashboard offers unparalleled convenience in a centralized, user-friendly environment. The tabbed structure
    along the top of the screen provides easy navigation to system setting options, while the main dashboard presents an uncomplicated
    view of system status.

    CyberSecurity Dashboard