Multilin 859


Based on the same field proven hardware and protection & control algorithms of the Multilin 8 Series, the 859 delivers advanced features including high-speed protection, customizable programmable logic, and advanced motor monitoring and diagnostics - all in a fixed mount and slim design. It has been designed for space constrained applications, or as a direct replacement for existing Multilin 169, 269, 269Plus and 369 motor protection relays.

Quality & Reliability

IPC A-610-E Class 3 manufacturing standards to ensure device quality and reliability
Environmental board level stress screening and full functional testing
Standard harsh environmental coating for added reliability

GE's Multilin 859 - Motor Protection System

Innovative Technology & Design

Proactive motor health diagnostics with Electrical Signal Analysis for electrical, mechanical & thermal monitoring
Advanced, flexible & embedded communications: IEC® 61850 Ed2, IEC 62439/PRP, Modbus® RTU & TCP/IP, DNP3.0, IEC 60870-5-104
Designed with an IEC62443-4-1:2018 certified Secure Development Lifecycle Process

Uncompromising Service & Support

Covered under GE’s 10-year warranty

GE's Multilin 859 - Motor Protection System

Ease of Use

Single setup and configuration software across the 8 Series platform
Automated and simplified settings file conversion of legacy GE devices
Installation flexibility - Remote display and remote RTD (RRTD) options

Advanced Motor Monitoring & Diagnostics

Integrated, cost effective monitoring and diagnostic features that leverage existing relay data without the need for additional devices or sensors to detect electrical, thermal or mechanical abnormalities before they become critical motor failures.


If undetected, insulation failure can evolve into phase or ground faults, causing equipment damage or loss, and significant unplanned downtime. The 859’s advanced motor monitoring and trending capabilities provide identification of critical electrical conditions.


The 859 continuously and proactively monitors the motor for Thermal Capacity Used (TCU) to provide early warning of thermal stresses.


Without the need for additional sensors or probes, the 859 utilizes GE's patented Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) / Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) to identify mechanical abnormalities in the motor.

3D Product Explorer

Interactive application to explore and learn about the key features and benefits of this solution.