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735/737 - Legacy

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the 350 or 850 relays.

Retrofit Existing SR 735 Devices to the Multilin 850 in Minutes

Traditionally, retrofitting an existing relay has been a challenging, time consuming task often requiring re-engineering, new drawings, panel modifications, re-wiring and re-testing.

The 8 Series Retrofit Kit provides a quick, 3-step solution to upgrade previously installed SR 735 relays. With the new 8 Series Retrofit Kit users are able to install the 850 Feeder Management System without modifying existing cutouts and wiring, and without any drawing changes or re-engineering time.

735/737 Feeder Relay

Easy 3-Step Process to Upgrade a 735/737 to 850 in as a Fast as 21 Minutes

EnerVista 8 Series Setup Software provides automated setting file conversion. Once completed, a graphical report is provided to verify and call out any specific settings that may need attention.

Simply remove the upper, lower and low voltage terminal blocks and then remove the SR chassis from the panel. No need to disconnect any of the field wiring.

Insert the new 8 Series Retrofit chassis into the switchgear and simply plug-in the old terminal blocks - there is no need to make any cut-out modifications or push and pull cables.