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Measurement & Digital Fault Recorders

Digital Fault Recorders


Reason DR60 Compact Digital Fault Recorder The Reason DR60 is a centralized one-box multifunctional digital fault recorder (DFR). The compact and innovative design allows Reason DR60 to be installed in harsh utility and industrial environments. The high scalability in binary I/O counts along with modern communications and synchronization protocols place the DR60 at the forefront of digital fault recording technology.


Reason RPV311 Digital Recorder w/ PMU and TWFL The Reason RPV311 is a powerful electrical system monitoring, recording and analysis device. Phasor measurement, power quality, precision fault location and process bus options deliver the highest integration capabilities for digital substation and wide-area schemes (WAMS).



BiTRONICS M871 Monitoring and Recording IED Part of the 70 Series Measurement System, the M871 is a Modular Single Line, Single or Dual Bus monitoring and recording IED.


BiTRONICS M872 Dual line, dual bus modular IED Part of the 70 Series Measurement System, the M872 is a Modular Dual Line, Dual Bus monitoring and recording IED. It uses common firmware and software to provide fast, precise, electrical measurements, fault and event records, and trend logs.

70 Series

BiTRONICS 70 Series Measurement System The BiTRONICS 70 Series Measurement System is an efficient, cost-effective substation automation solution for real-time monitoring and event recording.


iSTAT M2x2 Standard Measurement Centre family The M2x2 is a Measurement Centre providing quick, reliable measurement and monitoring of electrical quantities in a single or 3-phase distribution system. The M2x2 is configurable to meet the requirements of the medium voltage utility and low voltage industrial markets throughout the world.


iSTAT M2x3 High Performance Measurement Centre The M233 is a communicating measurement center with more than 120 measurements and also harmonics measurement. The M253 is a Power Quality meter that has the functionality of the M243, but in addition it measures and records all of the quantities required to check compliance to EN50160.


iSTAT i500 High Performance Multifunction Transducer The iSTAT i500 is a family of high accuracy multifunctional and configurable transducers designed to meet the requirements of all markets worldwide. The family includes both single and 3-phase transducers.


iSTAT i4Mx Standard multifunction transducer The iSTAT i4Mx is a family of multifunctional and configurable RMS AC transducers designed to meet the requirements of the medium voltage utility and low voltage industrial markets throughout the world. High sampling rates and true RMS measurement give accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with m accuracy better than 0.5% which is suitable for many applications.


iSTAT i400 Standard Transducers The iSTAT i400 mean sensing transducers are simple low cost devices which can be used to measure current or voltage and give an output analogue signal in applications where Harmonics are not a problem. These transducers are self powered and therefore do not require an auxiliary supply voltage.


iSTAT M355 Power Quality Analyser The M355 is a fully functioning communicating measurement center, with 4 voltage and 4 current inputs, providing more than 150 measurement quantities and harmonic analysis on current and voltage inputs to the 63rdharmonic. The M355 also includes a Trend data recorder capable of recording up to 128 channels of analogue measurement data.



Analise Visualization and Analysis of Oscillographic Records Analise is an application for graphic visualization, handling and analysis of oscillographic records. Analise works with the worldwide IEEE COMTRADE standard format (Common Format for Transient Data Exchange) IEEE C37.111-1991, 1996 and IEEE C37.111-1999.


QDSP setting, monitoring and analysis software The QDSP software is required for changing all settings in iSTAT communicating transducers and all but basic settings on communicating Measurement Centres and Power Quality Analysers. QDSP can store a record of all settings to allow simple replacement of devices or duplication for equivalent applications.

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