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BiTRONICS M872 - Legacy
Dual line, dual bus modular IED

Sales of this product have been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to DR60.

Part of the 70 Series Measurement System, the M872 is a Modular Dual Line, Dual Bus monitoring and recording IED. It uses common firmware and software to provide fast, precise, electrical measurements, fault and event records, and trend logs.

The M872 provides flexible and easy interfacing with multiple protocols, including IEC61850, and physical links for constant, cost-effective monitoring and recording. This IED can be fitted with inputs for connection to either protection or measurement CTs or both in the same IED allowing disturbance records and high accuracy measurements to be achieved by the same IED.  This IED ensures precise, speedy results.

Basic measurement device and more

The M872 provides advanced recording and communications functions not found in standard measurement devices.

Operators have the option to monitor status inputs and control relay outputs. This IED can simultaneously provide information and control to multiple clients or masters and offers both copper and fibre Ethernet ports. 

Modular, Flexible Design Allows for In-The-Field Upgrades

The M872 uses a modular design with two chassis options which allows the substation design engineer to add the number and type of optional modules needed for a particular substation application. Modules can be added in the field as needed.

The M872 supports the M870D separately mounted display. 

Cost-effective precision recording and monitoring of system stability

The M872 enables a cost-effective entry into monitoring and recording substation automation applications including fault recording. It provides monitoring of system stability with six simultaneous recorders and extensive non-volatile memory.

GOOSE cross triggers permit synchronising records between multiple 70 Series IEDs. Network time synchronisation and application software manage the record collection process.