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BiTRONICS M653 - Legacy
Measurement Centre

Sales of this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to EPM 7000 Power Quality Meter.

The Bitronics M65x continues this tradition of excellence, providing multifunction solutions for 3-phase metering and comprehensive measurement capabilities.

The M653 Measurement Centre has 3 sets of LED displays allowing 3 sets of 3-phase parameters to be displayed at the same time. It is simple to set up and use, and offers superior communications flexibility.

The M653 emphasises simplicity. Basic settings can be programmed using the front display buttons. Basic and advanced settings are easily configured through the Ethernet service port. Pre-set register/point sets and display screens coupled with the universal power supply and universal wiring make it easy to go from the box to up and running in no time.

M653 has an accuracy of 0.1% and Class 0.2S Energy. M653 offers RS232, RS485 and Ethernet Communications options, using either Modbus or DNP3 (level2) protocols, and is programmed using an integral Web-server. M653 also offers analogue outputs for connection to legacy SCADA systems.

M653 has the option of a fibre-optic Ethernet communications port which replaces the standard Ethernet port. This ensures that in electrically noisy environments the communications signals are run over fibre-optics from source without the need for a copper connection to the closest Ethernet switch.

In applications where the main measurement CT is fully operational, new measurement devices need to be installed without affecting the existing wiring. To allow this the M653 includes a version which is supplied with split core CTs which can be fitted around the secondary wiring (5A) of the installed CT.