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iSTAT i400
Standard Transducers

iSTAT i400 digital transducers were designed for utility and industrial substations to provide local and remote indications for electrical measurement and control.

iSTAT i400 digital transducers deliver 0.5% accurate indications at a competitive price.

RMS AC Transducers:The RMS AC Transducers in the i400 range have been replaced by the i4Mx range

Mean sensing Transducers:The iSTAT i400 mean sensing transducers are simple low cost devices which can be used to measure current or voltage and give an output analogue signal in applications where Harmonics are not a problem. These transducers are self powered and therefore do not require an auxiliary supply voltage. The i4CA and i4VA transducers have been redeveloped with a new appearance and continue to be available.

DC Transducers:The iSTAT i400 DC measuring transducers family includes variants for DC Volts, DC Current, Tap Position, Resistance and Temperature (RTD) which provide accurate analogue outputs at a competitive price. The Transducers are fitted with an RS232 or RS485 communications port using the Modbus RTU protocol. These transducers continue to be available, but are no longer supplied pre-configured in the factory.

The iSTAT i400 DC transducers are easy to program and can be configured using the QDSP software.