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Intellix GLA100
Cost Effective Transformer Warning Solution
Please Note:
the Intellix GLA100 has been discontinued.
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The Intellix GLA 100 is a small and intuitive transformer “gas level alarm”. It provides a cost-effective transformer warning solution using DGA, specifically tailored monitoring for less critical transformers that would typically be left unmonitored.


  • Entry level price point
  • Continually measures fault gas and triggers alarm when various thresholds are reached
  • Easy to install on 1 inch valve
  • Manual sampling port still available
  • No moving parts


  • Simple real-time composite fault gas monitoring system
  • 2 gas level alarms, each configurable on either a gas level or a gas rate of change
  • Coloured LED light indicators
  • Optional App for Android platform to be able to read the gas value
  • Dry contact relay outputs


The Intellix GLA 100 offers substantial, cost effective monitoring for the over 300,000* significant transformers worldwide that are currently unmonitored. It offers a monitoring solution for important, less critical, less expensive transformers, where the aim is less about protecting the asset and more about avoiding the consequences of an unplanned outage.

  • Small Power Transformers
  • Larger Distribution Pad-mounted Transformers
  • Vacuum type oil-filled OLTCs
  • Oil-filled 'pipe type' cables
  • Oil-filled instrument transformers (CTs and PTs)

Fault Gas Alarm