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Hydran M2-X
Enhanced Monitoring with Extended Sensor Life

The Hydran M2-X is the next generation of the field-proven family of Hydran DGA monitoring solutions, providing continuous monitoring of gas and moisture levels to alert users of developing faults and minimize the risk of unplanned outages. The M2-X builds on GE’s strong domain expertise to deliver an optimized, low maintenance monitoring device with extended sensor life.

The Hydran M2-X is also available in a UL certified, HazLoc version (part number: M2-X-HZ) for installation on transformers located in hazardous locations designated as Class I, Division 2

The Hydran sensors are available as a traditional Hydran composite gas (H2, CO, C2H2, C2H4) sensor or a discrete Hydrogen only (H2) sensor. In addition, it tracks moisture in oil (reading in %RH and ppm) and is compatible with various transformer oil types (standard mineral insulating oils and newer natural and synthetic ester based fluids).

Key Benefits

  • Small form factor, no moving parts, and low maintenance
  • Support for Asset Performance Management (APM) software analytics, enabling fleet level deployments
  • Condition monitoring for transformers with mineral insulating oils or ester based fluids (natural and synthetic)
  • Extending beyond DGA monitoring, through the connection of sensors, the Hydran M2-X can monitor other parameters such as top oil temperature, load current and through the use of IEEE based mathematical models, can provide further insight on changing transformer conditions
  • Provides critical data for APM strategies, facilitating planning of site intervention and maintenance activities
  • The M2-X-HZ version is certified for hazardous locations where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are not likely to exist under normal operating conditions but where the risk still exists.


  • Easily upgradeable in the field to accept analog signals and monitor other key transformer parameters
  • Computation of winding hot spot and other IEEE transformer models for enhanced diagnostics of the transformer’s condition (depending on sensors installed)
  • Easy to install on a single existing transformer valve, often without an outage required
  • Integrated display and keypad for simplified local user interaction and data visualization
  • Built-in moisture sensor provides water in oil measurement, critical to identify paper degradation and leaking gaskets
  • Compatible with GE’s acclaimed Perception™ software to download, trend and analyse transformer health data


  • Medium to large sized transformers
  • Utility and industrial transformers
  • Transmission transformers