Developing Maintenance and Operation Staff Performance

case study
customer: Major Utility
Country: Canada


To meet its business objectives, this major utility in the province of Québec relies on competent employees. Given the current labor shortage, they took measures to preserve and renew all the essential know-how held by their personnel. The utility needed a solution to train the operation and maintenance staff on newly received GE live tank and dead tank circuit breakers.


Operations and maintenance e-learning modules were developed and installed on the customers Learning Management System, for live tank circuit breaker GL 315 to 318 and dead tank circuit breakers DT72.5 to 145 kV. Modules included lesson, learning activities, access to proprietary technical documents, video illustration and quiz to evaluate the level of knowledge acquisition.


  • Manufacturer subject matter experts developed the content supported by e-learning and subject matter specialists.
  • Modules available 24/7 on the clients network ensuring access, ease of use and success of program.
  • Knowledge is refreshed and maintained.
  • Opportunity to add unlimited number of learners at no extra cost.
  • Trainees across 150 sites

  • 4 Dedicated modules including video and quiz

  • 1 Proprietary LMS

Complying with SF6 Regulation

case study
customer: Utility
Country: France


SF6 is a gas widely used in high-voltage equipment globally. However, it is a greenhouse gas with significant impact on global warming.

To comply with European standard regulation (EC) No 842/2006 and 517/2014, which frames the use of SF6 including handling, filling and working with contaminated gas, the customer decided to deliver theoretical online training before delivering hands on equipment training and manipulation.


GE adapted the SF6 training used to train GE field staff working at GE plants and customers’ substations using the client’s visual identity and specific processes. The solution consisted of the installation of 6 modules, including quizzes, on the customer’s Training Center Learning Management System.


  • Rapid implementation of training - GE modules required only slight modifications to cover the client equipment.
  • Modules are compliant with the EU mandatory regulations and support any SF6 filled equipment.
  • New staff can access the learning path without any extra cost.
  • 700+ employees to be trained

  • 100% compliant with European standard regulations

  • Curriculum of 6 customized modules

  • Permanent license on customer’s LMS


case study
customer: Industry
Country: India


Customer reinforced its safety procedures and largely developed their e-learning training in-house. Operators and engineering staff must know and apply electrical safety procedures on medium and high voltage equipment, and be able to perform basic maintenance operations locally.


GE provided annual licenses to 420 operators and engineering staff located in several districts of India to the dedicated learning path on the GE Learning Management System. The e-learning path included:

  • Conditional path of 3 modules and 3 quizzes
  • Monthly follow-up and tracking reports


  • No need to implement local learning infrastructure, reduced travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Monthly report helps customer management team to follow attendance and progress.
  • Training available at any time, avoiding time zone issue and timetable planning.
  • Progressive learning with validation after each module via quiz.
  • 3 Tailored technical online training modules

  • 420 Operators and engineering staff trained

  • 0$ Invested in IT infrastructure

  • 1 Monthly follow-up and tracking report